Spider-Man 3 (discussion and spoilers)

Cinematical has received an unconfirmed scoop saying that Zodiac screenwriter James Vanderbilt has turned in a working draft for Spider-Man 4 to Sony Pictures.

The really interesting thing, however, is that they say his story arc encompasses two films, opening up the possiblity that the studio might shoot the fourth and fifth film at the same time!

If this is indeed accurate, we'll have to see if director Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire, and others will return for the two films.

I like that idea of 4 & 5 been shot back to back. Could be great.
I watched this the other day. I hadn't seen it before.

It was pretty bad. Emo Peter was annoying, Venom was kind of ridiculous, and the story was crap. And when Peter started dancing, I almost turned it off. It was that retarded.

Also, Bryce Dallas Howard is pretty enough, I guess, but nowhere near hot enough to be able to pull off Gwen Stacy. Please.

But the same goes for Kirsten Dunst as MJ, so whatever.

I thought Topher Grace was pretty good, and the Sandman effects were cool. But beyond that, meh.
Sam Raimi on Spider-Man 3
Each and every one of those Spider-Man movies were pretty damn challenging," Raimi said. "Working in that big budget arena where so much is at stake with much beloved characters that Stan Lee created and people really hold them so dear to them that you don't want to mess up, and I messed up plenty with the third Spider-Man, so people hated me for years — they still hate me for it… It's a movie that just didn't work very well… I tried to make it work, but didn't really believe in all the characters and so that can't be hidden from people who love Spider-Man. If a director doesn't love something, it's wrong of them to make it if so many other people love it.
Don't worry, Sam Raimi: it's no longer the worst Spider-Man movie.
Don't worry, Sam Raimi: it's no longer the worst Spider-Man movie.
It's still the worst. But I don't blame Raimi for it. All Sony.

Simply comparing the movies, Spider-Man 3 is BY FAR the worst, but ASM 2 is more unforgivably bad. Sony apparently didn't learn from their previous mistakes at all. And they shoehorned the death of Gwen in at the very end. That should never have happened.

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