Spider-Man Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark

"I'm sorry that Spider-Man killed your little friend Shelly. Spider-Man moves in mysterious ways."
Well I manage to find all but two of the songs on Youtube the songs I couldn't find are "Picture This" by Bono & The Edge and "Turn Off The Dark" by T.V. Carpio. I'm not going to post "Rise Above 1" cause I already posted it a few posts ago. But here they are. Listen and judge for yourselves.

No More By: Reeve Carney:


I just Can't Walk Away (Say It Now) By: Reeve Carney and Jennifer Damiano:


Boy Falls From The Sky By: Reeve Carney:


Bouncing Off The Walls by: Reeve Carney:


Pull The Trigger By: Patrick Page:


DIY World By: Patrick Page:


A Freak Like Me Needs Company By: Patrick Page:


If The World Should End By: Jennifer Damiano:


Rise Above 2 By: Reeve Carney:

I know this is a couple of years late, but I just stumbled upon this on YouTube today.


Oh man, you know you're not doing well when Sesame Street rips on you.

(Also, Grover references the waiter sketches from 90s Sesame Street. Awesome)
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I actually saw this on broadway last fall because it was cheap and everything else was sold out. The performers, tech, costumes, etc. were good, but the script and treatment of the characters was not. At all.

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