Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Discussion/Spoilers)

Did you get Jigglypuff from the SSE? Because I know one way to get Jigglypuff is beating event #20, and you'll need Jigglypuff (and other hidden characters) in the following events, which won't come up until you have them.
Yes, I have everyone.
Anyone else still playing this. I have like 10 friends for online play i no one is ever on. The game does keep you pretty occupied. i have almost 400 trophies and a little under 500 stickers.
I'm a bad internet buddy.

I haven't added anyone in a long time.

I swear, I'll do this tomorrow evening, Sexynurse has control of the TV at the moment.
well it seems i'll be working until 2am/central for the rest of the week and I still haven't found out what days I have off. I would really like to engage in a tourney. My Samus will rule you.
I don't have much time to play with work and classes since when I come home someone has control of the TV and I don't get a chance to get on. Only Saturdays, it seems.
I FINALLY unlocked Snake yesterday. He's awesome.

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