Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Discussion/Spoilers)

There, **** you Wolf!!

Found out where he was in SSE and got him through there. Now I've unlocked all the characters, Events 29-40, have All-Star Mode, and just need to unlock one more stage.

I'm sad though that there are only 41 stages in Events, 10 less than in Melee.
Ok, this is weird, I just connected to the Wi-Fi with my game and it gave me a new friend code. Does anyone know why my system would do this?
I have no idea why that happened Ultxon.

I will not be availible this weekend. As I told Ice over the phone, the best times for me is weeknights around nine.
Yeah, I wanted to set something up for the weekend. Weeknights aren't always good for me, mostly weekends.

I'm sure we can figure something out, though.
I've unlocked all the music.

Easiest was shutting of all items except sandbag and smacking the hell out of it.
Cleared All-Star with Link! Final Smash trophy looks cool.

I also got the 50 hidden songs, too. And now I have 141 trophies with 268 stickers.
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I'm in The Great Maze. It's not really that bad. I think I'm only an hour or two from the end.
Just had my first online brawl with four random people, lag time was unbelievable. a 2 minute bout became a 10 minute struggle. I dominated of course

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