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Jul 24, 2004
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Marvel press conference: The Avenging Spider-Man reveal.

Joe Mad.... monthly... title... HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Can't....breathe....
I think Joe Mad draws beautifully (most of the time) but even I can't stomach the idea of launching a title as "ongoing" when he's drawing it.

It can only be monthly if he has drawn the entire series beforehand. If #1 hits the stands and every other issue isn't in the can, the series will be delayed. I assume he's only drawing the first arc of the series, and so it's possible his run will be on time.

And then... RULK? Really? Is he still around? If I was doing a Spidey team-up series and I could pick only three characters and the tagline was "My Friends Can Beat Up Your Friends" and it's in continuity I would pick...

Thing (because I can't have the Torch and because he's with Spidey in FF and so it's conceivable they'd hang out), Iron Fist (because his inner calm and discipline would be funny next to Spidey, and also because he'd offer Spidey a job and oop, there I am caring about something other than who they'll punch every issue), and She-Hulk (because she and Spidey are awesome together).

And I picked those three after looking at the roster of characters in the Marvel database which is the least amount of research one could do.
I think The Avenging Spider-Man is a brilliant concept.

Too bad Joe Madureira is drawing it.

They should get Wayne Reynolds who is like the more professional Joe Madureira.
Isn't Joe Mad still drawing Ultimates 3?
Jeff Parker's Red Hulk is great.
As a huge Spidey fan, I can't even come close to caring about this.

It will last two years tops. And only that long if Joe Mad doesn't delay the book for months and months.
Guys, it's obvious that Mad is only going to be doing the first story arc. There is no way he's the regular monthly guy. And provided they have all his issues in the can (which is possible) it will be on time.
I haven't read these Rulk comics you mention but they're scientifically proven to be terrible.

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