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I want to know what happend to the Brotherhood. Whos in charge now? What happend to Juggernut? I hope that the new writer after Singer will bring them back. I mean now that Quicksilver and Scarelt Witch have joined the Ultimates how will the rest of the Brotherhood react to that?
1.) Most of the Brotherhood are under arrest. By who, don't know.

2.) Juggy's off somewhere. He hasn't been mentioned since the Return to Weapon X" arc (issues #7-12).

3.) If and when the other Brotherhood members get out from where ever they are, they'll most likely be pissed, and continue on with whatever plans they have.

4.) I doubt Singer'll bring them back. I still say that he's most likely will do something with the Phoenix.
Ultimate Juggernaut's costume was one of the better Ultimate versions.
I would agree with you, UltimateE.

The Brotherhood is under SHIELD/gov't property now. They said so in Ultimate Six.
Well wouldnt some other wannabes want to try to make a name for themselves and try to call themselves the new Brotherhood. I mean some of them had to escape when the Trisklion was shut down when Electro over charged it. I really want to see Toad back.
Like any terrorist group it'll reform, just like it did numerous times in 616 with different members.

Personally I found Juggernaut in Ultimate to be a bit of a disappointment. His link to Charles in 616 was one of the few things that kept him from being yet another generic super strong guy. Withou that he doesn't have much as a character. And I doubt this Juggernaut got his powers from a ruby. A poor character element but it was something that made him unique.
Actually, Ice, Juggernaut was seen in Ultimate War #1 as one of the terrorists who blew up the Brooklyn Bridge. Well, I think he was, and I can't be arsed going to check.
I agree with Blacksword about him being wasted under Millar's pen in Ultimate, but he did this with many characters. I mean, would you have had any idea what to make of The Scarlet Witch in the first UXM arc if you weren't familiar with the characters from 616? The only think he showed Wanda doing was flying (which she isn't meant to be able to do), and firing "hex bolts". Sabretooth was introduced as a character with a past connected to Wolverine just for the sake of imitating 616.
At least he didn't call them "The Brotherhood of EVIL Mutants"..
Yes, Juggernaut was part of the team in Ult. War #1 which also consisted of: Toad, ROGUE, mASTERMIND, hARDDRIVE AND vANISHER.
Correct. The Brotherhood's recognizable characters are: Rogue, Toad, Sabertooth, Mastermind, Juggernaut, Forge, Multiple Man, Blob, Vanisher, Unus and Harddrive. Some of the characters were only seen in a few panels, others made multiple appearances, even then that's a broad thing to say.
You know wha I think would be cool? If the Brotherhood comes back with Exodus leading, like he did in the current arc of X-Men. That be a nice way to ultimize him, no?
Nope. I wouldn't like that for the reason you want him there. He's leading the Brotherhood in X-Men right now... It would get tired, really, especially because he's not a very strong character. He's a religious zealot, that's as far as he goes.
Exodus functions better as a solo character. He is just too powerful to be leading a team- there isn't any need for them when you have him. I
Absolutely. Exodus should be one of the Four Horsemen of Apocolypse, if included in any sort of team at all. That way he wouldn't have to be with a team, he'd just be affiliated, do you see what I mean?
:) I know. I was going to work him into that role in a fan fic that I was going to write, however, that fell through!

Other characters that could fit into the Horseman would be Juggernaut, Phoenix, or even Toad. That would give him an oppurtunity to grow more powerfully and gain a whole lot more respect. I wouldn't mind seeing that at all.
I would like to see them not bother with the Horsemen. In a line that is supposed to be getting back to more realistic storylines, the Horsemen is one that they can definitely leave behind. Apocolypse was dealt with masterfully by Vaughan; it would be nice to see him left alone.

But this is about the Brotherhood, so lets get back to that.
I see your point GW. Either way, I would still like to see Exodus make an appearance in UXM. But even though this line is supposed to be more "realistic", how realistic can you really get with characters and stories that wouldn't really happen? So what's wrong with having the horsemen?
icemastertron said:
I see your point GW. Either way, I would still like to see Exodus make an appearance in UXM. But even though this line is supposed to be more "realistic", how realistic can you really get with characters and stories that wouldn't really happen? So what's wrong with having the horsemen?

You're misapplying what I'm saying. Of course they wouldnt really happen - no 15 year old kid is going to get spider powers from a spider bite. No man is going to be able to make a formula that makes him 60 feet tall. But it's realistic in the sense that it's real people dealing with real problems. A 5,000 year old mutant giving weird powers to people? Doesn't fit.

Veering off topic for just a moment, this is the main problem I had with the first Ult. Fantastic 4 story. The monster coming up out of the street was out of place. It was written OK, but it just didn't fit with what had already happened in the book.

OK, back to the Brotherhood.
I'm not saying that Apocolypse has to give the Horseman their powers this time. They could be prophets and preach to the world that their master, Lord Apocolypse, is making his reappearance. It would be feasible in the Ultimate Universe after something like the Phoenix.

About the Brotherhood... I'd love to see them coming around again. I think they were terribly underlooked. I mean, for goodness sake they were just there to show that Magneto's influence was strong! I would like to see them act on their own and shake things up, that would be the most interesting thing to see out of a group like that. There should be a set number of characters in the group and that roster should stay around for a while, if only for continuity's sake.

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