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Nov 8, 2004
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Similar to the "What Made You Smile?" thread over at the Captain Comics website, this is the place to note the positive things in our lives. You can post good things you saw, that someone did for you, or in which you were personally involved. It doesn't have to be something that happened the day you post, although it should have happened in the last day or two. All I ask is that people keep messages clean and PG-rated.

For example:

I live in the upstate region of New York, and we had a minor snowfall last night. When I looked out the window this morning, it was to see one of those pretty scenes where every tree branch, rooftop, and mailbox was outlined in white, like gingerbread houses. While I realize that it means winter is coming and that we're going to spend the next two or three months shoveling snow and dealing with cold, it was still a picture of peace and natural beauty.

So, how about everyone else? What made you smile today?
Call me shallow, but muffins and coffee in the morning at my favorite mom & pop coffee place always make me smile.

What can I say, I'm a fan of Richard Oldenburg's 'third place'.
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This may seem sad to all of you but seeing this today on :

For months, mysterious videos with encrypted messages have sparked buzz in WWE. What do the codes mean? What's behind these messages? Tonight on Raw, all questions may be answered

and thinking ahhhhhh Y2J is back tonight
We sold all the copies of our bi-annual school magazine yesterday, in one afternoon. That's never happened before (usually there's about ten copies left over or so), and curiously, it was the first year that I had a significant role in its production.

That made me smile. :)
Several things make me smile and have a good day.

First off, when a little kid looks at you in the store and smiles. I may not want my own children, but others make me feel good.

Also, when dogs are playing. They seem to know what's magical about everyday life, and remind us of that.

What else makes me smile....corny things do. And this time of year, I'm always smiling, I love giving gifts to people, and seeing them smile when they get it. Makes my month.

So yeah, lots of little things make me smile.
Kind of cliche, but puppies always put a smile on my face. Also, I smiled today when people noticed that it was my birthday.
What made me smile today:

One of my college friends - she was my stage manager in the production I was a part of last year - coming back to visit us high schoolers (all the way from Wisconson for Thanksgiving!) and greeting me with a big hug. (Yes, we theater kids are like that.)

Hearing Janae say "luff you".

Fresh snow.

My kitty.

When I can transfer something from my head to paper.

The last slice of pizza.

In that order.
In the last week, the following things have made me happy on varying scales:

A message from an old friend that was entirely unexpected.

The Arcade Fire coming back for an encore and playing Wake Up, which I had hoped they would do for the entire concert.

Resisting temptation.

Lasting 'til the end of a recent 12 hour birthday party, one in which the tequila was opened as early as 8pm, rather ludicrously.

Rediscovering Samurai Jack.

Stealing crunchy apples from work.

Somebody being called a 'cheeky little muppet' in a French accent.

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