The Internet Messiah Thread

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Aug 24, 2006
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It just occured to me that thre are several people or entities that say they are the Internet Messiah. I thought I'd make a list of them.

In No Particular Order:
Chuck Norris
Christopher Walken
Grant Morrison
Warren Ellis

Toph (from Avatar)
Jesus (you know, on Christian sites)
Buddha (similar reasons to Jesus)
Wolverine (alright, I admit I haven't confirmed this one, but you know someone does)
Rick Roll (he's a messiah to somebody)

Please note that the thread is taking no sides in the debate, it's just listing them. I apoligize ahead of time to those who accuse me of blasphemy.

I also consider them candiates if they have Chuck Norris jokes made about them.
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what bout me?

I keep hearing from you guys that i have followers
Is this some kind of sex reference?

:lol: No simpsons reference , When Apu is trying to getting back together with his wife and Homer makes him give him a piggy back Apu says something like "that's not on the list" Homer replies "It's been on MY list for a long time" :lol:

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