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For those of us on here that drive, are you seeing Gas prices going threw the roof?

cuz right now, im paying $2.85 (thats the cheapst) per gallon. and i drive over 100 miles a day sometimes....

so what are you paying in your neck of woods?


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Victor Von Doom said:
I pay anywhere between 2.98 - 3.00 (I only put premium gas in my Explorer)....

is it worth it on the premium?

cuz those explorers eat gas like crazy, what? 15-20 MttG? (Miles to the Gallon)


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the watcher said:
The cheapest gas here is $3.09. I heard by the end of the summer it could be $4.00. :arrgh:

where is here? Im curious, cuz i wanna know how much it varies by area.


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When I was in Beirut, my driver filled up his car for around $10-20.

I exclaimed that in the UK, my car requires around $40-50 to fill.

He didn't believe me.

But yeah. When I started driving a few years ago, I'd fill up the car completely on 20 quid. Now, it takes 30. :(


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Yeah I noticed, as my wallet got empty and my cash was gone. It takes about 35 - 40$ for me to fill up my car with premium --;; I remember when it only took 20. :x
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I filled up last night for $2.859. Today it jumped back up to $2.959.

And I drive 110+ miles to and from work everyday.


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I pay about $2.89 regular (at the cheapest place in town). Though I only fill up once every two weeks. Fuel efficient car plus driving only to work helps out there. If my job were closer to home I could probably go three weeks or even a month each fill-up... But oh well.

Makes me wish we'd do what Brazil has done and go completely ethanol (gas from sugar). I mean, you know how cheap that would make filling up at the pump? But no, OPEC has us by the balls, and no one that can do anything about it is... *sigh*


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we have an ethanol plant near my home back in kansas....i've never been able to use it since i'm at school in oklahoma...but they are starting to incorporate it into the stations back home

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You do realize that Ethanol gas is only 10 percent Ethanol right?

And we get almost 90% of our gas from Canada right?

It ain't the Middle East that has us by the balls, it's our own politicians

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nigma said:
is it worth it on the premium?

cuz those explorers eat gas like crazy, what? 15-20 MttG? (Miles to the Gallon)

Yes. Cheap gas burns less efficiently and eats aways at your engine life. Its basically amounting to "you get what you pay for".

I could fill it up with cheap gas....but then I'd have to drop the same amount of money next week to fill 'er up. But by using premium gas I only have to refuel every 2 weeks (or right before---depends on how much driving I do). Since that's about payday---its no biggie to fill my tank up and worry about price.

I bet if you ask your mechanic what gas he uses....he'll always use premium. The only time I touch cheap gas is if I'm on E (no puns please :neutral: ) and payday is a little further off than I'd like. Even then...I only put in maybe $10 worth. Just enough to get me to payday.

The problem is that most people don't know how to take care of their cars. They just put gas in it and go. They think they are actually doing something by getting the oil changed. But people forget about air filters, fuel injectors, tires, etc. I'm no mechanic...but I learned how to deal with this kinda stuff so you don't get bamboozled by any auto mechanic or dealers.

Oh yeah....
I average about 16-17mpg.


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Ultimate Houde said:
You do realize that Ethanol gas is only 10 percent Ethanol right?

Good point. I was thinking of E85 when talking about Brazil. Don't know if anywhere is using that close to exclusively.

But still, 10% is a good start whatever way you look at it. It ain't the end-all, but it's better than nothin'...

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