Thunder... Thunder... THUNDERCATS HOOO!!!!

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Just fanart, but it sets the mood.
no offence but I really really hope lion-o looks nothing like that. I know it's fan art but still that's an ugly design for him
And now that the creator is dead, they don't need to give him any money!
Everyone's a critic.

It's just it's wrong for the character. It's way to skinny it needs bulking up a little. Look at the original version :

He's pretty well built. not the biggest muscles but strong and big enough to fight. In the cartoon he goes head to head with Mumm-Ra in his ultimate form. He manges to push Mumm-Ra's heavy stone sarcophagus in to the cauldron/pool Mumm-Ra has. In "Lion-O's Anointment" he has to battle Lion-O's Anointment in a feat of strength.

His build is very important. He's not Spider-man or superman. We can't say strength is a power. Now I think that look has some ideas right. I like the hair , I like the costume. But it's his build that's off to me. He kook's like an average teenage. Not a bad idea and I can see why. But he needs to look like a fighter, a warrior.

Maybe i'm the only one who feels that way but Lion-o needs a he-man like build to his body. Otherwise it's not lion-o.
In other words, mole wants Lion-O to be done by Liefeld.


But seriously no. I just want him drawn like say the 2002 Hem-man cartoon. Say like :

In terms of build as it's part of who he is.
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