Titles to Millar's Ultimate Fantastic Four arcs revealed


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In a post at Millarworld, Mark Millar revealed the titles of his four 3-issue arcs on Ultimate Fantastic Four. They are: "CROSSOVER", "TOMB OF NAMOR", "PRESIDENT THOR", and "FRIGHTFUL"

You can read the rest of this thread here.

Additionally, there is an Ultimate Fantastic Four press release from Marvel which can be found at http://www.comicon.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=36;t=003921.

We knew about the first two arcs Crossover and Tomb of Namor, but what about President Thor? And Frightful? Sounds damn interesting.

And considering Millar himself said that each character has an arc, it falls on Johnny for President Thor and Ben for Frightful.
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President Thor has me a little worried. Also it might be a bit of a spoiler for the rest of his Ultimates run if they're in the world proper.


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Sounds good to me... This Thor thing sounds better than going into the President's body and doing whatever in there. Very cool.


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Isn't it pretty much completely new? We knew about Namor, we know about the shrinking and we knew about the crossover. It might be the Alicia Masters one, but she could show up in President Thor as well.


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Goodwill said:
What do we know about Frightful?
I think its a safe bet to assume that this has something to do with the Frightful Four or some Ultimate variation of that concept.

The original Frightful Four consisted of Paste-Pot Pete (later Trapster), The Wizard, Medusa and Sandman, but there have been variations on the team before.


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ourchair wrote:
I think its a safe bet to assume that this has something to do with the Frightful Four or some Ultimate variation of that concept.

Yup. My thoughts exactly.

So the issue breakdown should go something like this:

#21-23 Crossover
#24-26 Tomb of Namor
#27-29 President Thor
#30-32 Frightful

I'll be updating the timeline to reflect these. Also, this pretty much mean (at least from the "President Thor" arc, that the Ultimate FF are caught up to the Ultimates in terms of timeline. Apparently, with the Ultimates appearance in Ultimate FF #21 and their in their Ultimates 2 costumes, it most likely means the Crossover arc happens a little while before Ultimates 2 starts. And assuming the President Thor title involves Thor, this arc probably occurs after Ultimates 2 wraps up. Anyway, check out the timeline for the update.


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Sounds great to me. Really interested to the the President Thor and Frightful arc. :)


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This sounds really good. I'm really looking forward to this.

Especially President Thor....


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I am sooo geeked for this. I'm expecting goodness on an Ultimates 2 scale. :D


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Looks like Magneto ain't the only one showing up in Crossover-

Mark Millar said:
lso, I just got the black and whites for our second issue about ten mins ago and it's so bloody good. Mods, it's on its way. What about that pic of The Hulk and the Magneto splash? I'll try to stick it up in the secret forum again, but if that fails I'll fire it off to Teg, Carlos or MP.

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