Ultimate Angel/Archangel

I'm up for people to give me money to not be a super-hero, It's not as if 150,000 people have suddenly been swepted away, whose families need it!
Do you guys remember that scene where he was a complete ****y? He was all scared of Wolverine... That actually made me want to puke, too, because here was this great introduction issue and he really seemed to be shaping up to be a really cool character and then we have this scene that just took that whole thing away. One scene took an issue's worth of characterization away. Now, Vaughan's got him in a pretty good spot, character-wise. He may be the goody good at the mansion, but there's a little bit of an edge to him which seems to come out when he knows what he's talking about. For instance, he got really POed when Jean brought up the Von Strukers. Didn't you guys notice that,too?
Exactly. Going from someone whose not only afraid but incompetent to someone whose BUILT for killing people and blowing things up is a huge difference. But where's the motivation for changing him?? In 616, he was changed cos he was one of the most experienced X-men in the world. Here, he's a rich teenage pansy who can't even carry Wolverine for long.
I saw the transformation on the show... I forget how it went but I believe he was a mutant who was just keeping to himself hiding from everyone isolated... and Apoc. just came and took him and made him a killing machine... so if that same thing were too happen in Ult XMen I wouldn't mind... He's a weak character right now so if Apoc just kidnapped him and changed him because he was weak and it's just kinda like Apoc showing off... I mean he took Essex who was supposed to be another weak personality and made him into Sinister (not so weak) he would probably do the same thing with his horsemen....
I thought that was just what they are saying might happen to him in the Longshot arc

Spoilers if you haven't read the solicits

Angel is kidnapped by Mojo to make the X-men give Longshot back.
I don't know. It seams too early to make him into Archangel. Especially since he hasn't been around too long (issue wise).

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