Ultimate Angel/Archangel

XTFLyons said:
No it didn't happen yet some of us are eagerly anticipating it and wondering just how it will happen...

And others of us think it was a crap idea and a crap story and hope we never see it in the Ultimate books ever ever ever.
Why is such a crap idea? I think it's cool. Angel---Angel of Death (Archangel).

Sounds good to me. It's great for someone like him. Especially since he's not much of a fighter.
Well, I think that the X-Men should utilize their skills outside of fighting, too. Warren is the person that can help those who are fighters out by keeping an eye on them or even carrying them into battle. Not everyone has to fight, which is why Warren is a cool character.
It's funny how you say they need to utilize their skills outside fighting because wasn't the whole concept of talk between Emma and Xavier about how they need to learn to fight as a second hand resource to this whole anti-mutant movement as opposed to the knowledge they're learning at the school... what I'm trying to say Dragonmaster is that it's the other way around in the comic itself they're gaining knowledge first and utilizing their fighting skills second...
Emma actually believed that non-violence was the answer, but Xavier her convinced different. There is really nothing new about this concept, especially out of his mouth, so I don't know why you're trying to strike up irony with what I posted. Besides, I was talking in terms of the utilities on the battlefield. As well as fighters, there are usually medics, etc. Angel doesn't have to be on the frontlines, in fact, he's better back a ways. Get it?
I think he knows his capabilities... He's not going to run into a battle expecting to do as much damage as someone like Colossus or Wolverine would. That's what I mean.
Goodwill is right with the whole "what kinda part is he gonna play in battle" he doesn't mean he needs to learn how to fight but how to use his powers in order to help in a hostile situation... He isn't going to learn how to become and aggresive attacker... but when/if (the if is for your sake Mr.E) he becomes Ultimate Archangel he'll have no choice but to become a deadly weapon...
Well, for the most part, yes, you're actuall on the ball, XTF. In the event that he does turn into Archangel, his role will actually change. There, I agree with you.
Yeah, you would think for a kid who didn't see his parents too much, that he would act more differently than he is now.
XTFLyons said:
the danger room scenerio he created was rather dark though.... and the fact that he tried to act all dramatic like that shows how badly he wants to change... all just setting it up for the big transformation...

No, it goes along with how dramatic NC and him were when the played pirates.
When NC and Angel were playing pirates in th Danger Room, they were acting as if they really were pirates. Angel was only acting once again with the program in #54.

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