Ultimate Central: The Fanfic Volume 3

Excellent Baxter. Makes my issues look like crap.
I really enjoyed this. But did anybody notice that Baxter was a badass in this story and a big drunk giant in other's. Hmmmmm interesting.
thee great one said:
I really enjoyed this. But did anybody notice that Baxter was a badass in this story and a big drunk giant in other's. Hmmmmm interesting.
Hey now, I'm a damn big drunk in this one too.

Ultimate Quicksilver said:
You...you threw up on me? Oh god.... and im the cab driver now! Bunch'a lazy asses!
Did you want them to take a plane?

3 Days Ago

He entered his bedroom and sat on his bed. He lay down, exhausted from his day. It had not been a particularly good day; he just didn't seem to be able to concentrate. Everyone was pushing him, annoying him, filling him with rage. This was unusual for this individual. He was usually calm and laid back, it seemed something….or someone…..was channeling there rage through him.

He turned on the TV and switched through the channels….nothing was on. Great, he thought, now I'm bored.

He sighed. Usually, when he was bored he would go on his favorite comic book website, Ultimate Central, but it had been down for months. He lay down on his bed….and then shot up again. Suddenly he was filled with a huge amount of anger…..but this time….the anger was talking to him…… He cried out….the voices had so much pain, so much anger and frustration. They wanted him to help them……avenge them……..free them…..

He stood up, as he did, a black aura of energy surrounded him…

"Avatars, E-Men, Cabinet", he said, "You will all be punished for your sins against those you have now forgotten!"


MWOF: Ooooh Yeeeahhhh!

MWOF put down his card. It was a number 6

MWOF: You know what the number 6 means! All girls take a shot!

The Avatars were having a break after the demise of the monster, JTG. Nurhachi's friend Louie was having a housewarming party and Nurhachi brought TheManWithoutFear along with him while Rene had to stay at their home in Ultimate Central to begin repairing the cybernetic Ultxon and ProjectX2 had gone out to the movies with some friends.

At Louie's party, a lot of the guests, Nurhachi and MWOF included, were playing a drinking game called "Circle of Death". Basically all the playing cards are face down, with a glass in the middle. All cards mean something and whoever gets a King has to add there drink to the glass in the middle. The person who got the fourth King had to scull the glass.

LOUIE: I got a King!

That was the third King. The first person was a girl who put in some cheap wine, the second was MWOF and he put in a whole can of beer. Louie entered his Vodka and Orange Juice to the mix.

RANDOM GIRL: Yes, I got a 10! The Toilet Card. No ones allowed to go to the toilet without my permission!

Next it was Nurhachi's turn. He slowly picked up the card.

NURHACHI: Please not King, Please not King.

It was a King of Clubs.


Nurhachi now had to drink that foul glass of vodka, juice, wine and beer

MWOF: Hahahahahahah! Scull you ****ing loser!!!

Nurhachi took the glass in his hand as the others smiled at his bad luck. Nurhachi stood up, tilted his head back and sculled the nasty drink as the group egged him on.

NURHACHI: Oooh Yeah! Who the man? I'm the man! I'm ALL that is MAN!

Nurhachi then leaned over to MWOF and whispered in his ear.

NURHACHI: Dude, I think I'm gonna be sick.

MWOF: Haha, ok everyone, we going outside for a bit.

As Nurhachi and MWOF got outside, Nurhachi went over to a nearby bush and shot projectile vomit all over the place.

MWOF: Damn man! Maybe we should get back home.

NURHACHI: Nah man, I'm good, go have fun…..BLUURGH

MWOF: Nah your ****ed dude. Lets go.

MWOF was half laughing as the exited Louie's property. They walked over to a place where no-one could see them so that MWOF could push the button on his watch to transport them back to Ultimate Central. As he was about to push the button, a supersonic noise hit them.

MWOF: AAARGH…What is that?

NURHACHI: AAaaaaha Turn it off!

MWOF and Nurhachi were both on there knees in agony as a figure landed in front of them. When they saw who it was, they were shocked and confused.

NURHACHI: Irish_4204?

MWOF: But.....we thought you were dead?

IRISH_4204: Oh I am!!! You all used me!!! USED ME!!!! And when I died….you just forgot about me!

Irish_4204 let out another scream as MWOF and Nurhachi covered there ears.

MWOF: **** this!

MWOF grabbed Nurhachi and pushed the button to teleport them to UC. A portal then opened up and sucked them into it before it closed.

IRISH_4204: Noooo!!! I must have vengeance! I will be back Avatars!!! You haven't escaped me!

Irish then flew away…..


GOODWILL: I have gathered everyone hear to go over our next move for world domination. Baxter has an idea that he would like to go through with all of you.

BAXTER: Yes, well, first we need to…


The members of The Cabinet all looked at what made the noise, and there, in the next room, was Thee Great One.



OURCHAIR: Who is this?

SHIHAD: Its Thee Great One, we recruited him a little while ago.

DR. STRANGEFATE:: But…..he died soon after….

THEE GREAT ONE: I did die! You all abandoned me!!! So much pain….so much rage…

Thee Great One started glowing. The Cabinet knew that he was going to explode and run outside the building as Ourchair protected them with a magnetic force field. The Cabinet had just made it out of the building before it went up in a huge explosion.

Elsewhere….In New Zealand….

ProjectX2 had just said goodbye to his friends as they drove away in there car. He walked down the road and was about to push the button on his watch to teleport him back to Ultimate Central when someone ran up to him.


It was Icemastertron.

PROJECT: Ice? Hey man where you been? We've all been looking all over for you!!!

ICE: Long story, been mind controlled by Cad.

PROJECT: Wow, really, how did you break free?

ICE: Well, I…..WHAT THE???

Project looked at what Ice was pointing at, and gasped as he saw The Captain fly towards him.

ICE: What the hell? You're dead?

PROJECT: Captain? How? I saw you get killed by E?

CAPTAIN: Yes, you all let me die!

Captain fired a bolt of energy at them as ice quickly made an ice barrier. The beam shattered the barrier, but not before ProjectX2 pushed the button on his watch to teleport him and Ice home.

Meanwhile, in an abandoned warehouse…..

CADUCEUS: Ok Gambit, try touching the table. Remember; focus all your energy inside you so you don't explode it.

Ultimate Gambit closed his eyes….focused…..and touched the table. It didn't explode.

CADUCEUS: YES!!! You have finally gotten control of your powers!

Just then, there was a knock at the door.

ULTIMATE GAMBIT: What the…..who knows we're here?

CADUCEUS: I'll handle this!

Caduceus went and opened the door, and there stood there dead comrade Patriot.

CADUCEUS: Patriot?

PATRIOT: You!!!! You killed me!!!! Your own team mate!!

ULTIMATE GAMBIT: No Patriot! It was MWOF!!!

PATRIOT: Don't LIE!!!!

Patriot started shooting at the E-Men while they ran for cover. Caduceus tried to use his mind powers on Patriot.

CADUCEUS: It's…..weird….it's like he has no mind, just his body…

ULTIMATE GAMBIT: Damn man, lets get out of here! This is freaky ****!

Gambit ran and blasted a hole in the wall where he and Caduceus ran.

PATRIOT: You can't escape ME!!!!!

As the E-Men ran out, Ultimate Gambit blew up a support beam, and the warehouse collapsed on Patriot.

CADUCEUS: Let's get out of here before he wakes up!

In Ultimate Central:

RENE: Ok everyone CALM DOWN!

MWOF: What's Ice doing here?

NURHACHI: It was Irish_4204!!! He was ALIVE!!!

PROJECT: The Captain came back to life and…..

RENE: I said CALM DOWN!!! It's the latest receiver of UC powers. He can bring people back from the dead…

ICE: Back from the DEAD?

PROJECT: Who is it?

RENE: It's……

"knock knock"

NURHACHI: Who'd be knocking on our door.

MWOF went to open the door and saw a familiar blue face.

MWOF: L….Longshot?

LONGSHOT: That's right "friend". Here for a little pay back for ABANDONING ME!!!

NURHACHI: We didn't….

LONGSHOT: You're all dead now!!! And Ultimate Central is OURS!!!

RENE: Ours?

Just then, Irish_4204, Thee Great One, Patriot and The Captain all appeared next to Longshot!


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Nice! But i'm not Patriot anymore..... :p
E coming back?

Edit:The annual was great Bax!
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Johnny Bravo said:
Nice! But i'm not Patriot anymore..... :p
E coming back?
Nurachi: Patriot... stop. SOmeone got to be controlling you!

Patriot rears back, kicking Nurachin in the head and sending him flying

Patriot: It's not Patriot anymore, it's Johnny Bravo!

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