Ultimate Conspiracy, Galactus, and the Origin of Mutanity

Wow, reading that first page...you can REALLY see what Bass was talking about.

But with hindsight he was just making mountains out of anthills and all Marvel had planned out was the next six issues of any given Ultimate comic.

But I have to tell ya...Bass's crazy thoughts would have made one hell of a comic.
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Bass, where do you get all these wonderful toys?

That's a pretty good explanation, except I really don't think anyone at Marvel or DC or any comic book company (outside of maybe Robert Kirkman, because if Walking Dead, Invincible, Marvel Zombies FTW and his run on UXM are any indication, he definitely has a plan for the future, like Bill Clinton in the 90's) has the foresight that you do. And I do, too, except my foresight mostly includes the size of my savings account and mutual fund into the year 2020 and beyond as well as my credit score (because I really must have the $15000 Guitar Center credit account... I can buy a Marshall stack to compete with Slayer with that kind of credit!).

Maybe Galactus isn't the big threat, after all. We've still yet to see Ultimate Infinity Gauntlet, Ultimate Secret Wars or Ultimate X-Cutioner's Song (which is when I'll stop reading comics again). Thanos or the Beyonder would be a bigger threat, I would think. Galactus will eventually turn out to be a huge dude in purple and pink. Justice is served.

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