Ultimate Conspiracy?


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Sep 15, 2004
What conspiracy do you think has been going through the Ultimate Universe since day 1? What are your thoughts about this?
Is that supposed to be funny? God, why don't I find anything funny today... I was going to say SHIELD was founded by aliens but that's just random.
That the Ultimate Universe is just a dream of Franklin Richards. It's like the end of Newhart :mrgreen:
Whose Newhart? I do like the idea of Franklin dreaming up the Ult. Universe. Maybe Franklin created the Universe and he does what he wants with it?
No I dont think so. I would hate that soooooo much. Maybe the the biggest conspiracy is that Fury was behind Spider-Man getting his powers. I dont know I just pulled that out of my ass
Fury kind of was responsible for Peter getting his powers. Osborn was trying to make a super soldier serum for Fury but rushed and made Oz, which he experimented on animals with and one of the animals bit Peter. That was a long sentence.
I knew no one would get that joke. At the end of Bob Newhart's 3rd TV series he wakes up on set of his 2nd TV series, with the wife from it and says something to the effect of "I had that dream again, the one where I'm running a bed and breakfast in New England.", effectivly saying that nothing happened.
.......LAME!!! Just kidding man, I have no idea what the hell that is, But at least you knew how to use it!
Well, I'm under the impression that there is something that is making all of these characters walk the road they are... What, exactly, I'm not sure, but I'm thinking that there is someone than even Fury pulling the strings. I'm thinking it has to be somewhere along the lines of Thor, or something like that... They say that magic and all that doesn't exist and no one is open to it, I mean, maybe that's the big joke of the Ultimate line. They were gonna throw away all of that junk that "didn't make sense or made the least sense" but that all comes back to bite 'um in the end.
Maybe it's something like the Quistence (sp?) in Kingdom Come. Made up of the strongest forces in the Universe. Who would be there? Odin? The Watcher? Galactus? Who else?
The lack of proper continuuity, if that counts.


It's like the end of Newhart

I actually got that one ;)

Guys, this has already been answered. The conspiracy is that the whole universe exists because of Cap and the attempts to "recreate" him.
But it could be something else... The Skrull don't exist because of Captain America. I think it's something different like some alien race left some kind of secret weapon on Earth and it went off and then the superhumans appeared. Maybe the bomb is in Russia...(Nightmare) Maybe the Kree left it here and are coming back for it?(Secret) Maybe...?
Was it answered by Ellis, Millar or Bendis themselves?
Bendis. Miken Ayers figured it out and got his name in an Ultimate Spidey book for it.

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