Ultimate Mystery Discussion (Return of Captain Marh Vehl)

did he kill anyone in Ultimate Enemy/Mystery besides his family? i thought he just blew a bunch of crap up.
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you may be right. I wasn't thinking about the killing people part when i wrote my post. I was thinking he had just blown things up and stolen stuff from Project Pegasus.
Well Issue #4 came out today. About a quarter of it was retelling of scenes in Reed's life from UFF #1, Ultimate Power, and Ultimatum. And they were the same as the original scenes, just with different art.

Something better actually happen in Ultimate Doom.

Also, this is the worst edited book I've ever read. Sana Amanat (Assistant Editor) and Mark Paniccia (Sr. Editor) really didn't do their job. In issue #2 someone calls Jessica by her real name when she's supposed to be under cover as Julia Carpenter. If that had happened once, okay. But then in this issue Layla Miller tells the "brain trust" to "gave her a minute" and later when Johnny Storm is freaking out about where Sue is, he keeps yelling "Where's My Sister!?" but in one panel, Ben yells it instead of Johnny. I caught all these things on reading it once. What do editors do, exactly?

And how does Bendis write something this disjointed and then write USM #15? (which i loved by the way)
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because 3 4-issue minis have more issues than 1 6-issue mini.

1 series x 6 issues x $4.00 = $24 per reader
3 series x 4 issues x $4.00 = $48 per reader.

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