Ultimate Mystery Discussion (Return of Captain Marh Vehl)


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Jul 24, 2004
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Wow. That is three years too late.

Who even cares about him at this point?
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Art looks okay to me.

And I care about Mahr Vehl, he was one of the best characters to come out of the UU. And I totally thought this, that Enemy would be a Galactus kinda deal. That still doesn't excuse the former from it's wheel-spinning (all the parts of Galactus had stuff actually HAPPEN in them), but I'll definitely check it out.
don't you know? Mahr Vell has a clause in his contract with Marvel that he's only allowed to appear in the second part of a miniseries trilogy once every five years.
How do you mean? All we know is that it involves Mahr Vell.

Well, yes, but it can also reasonably be discerned Reed Richards is the Ultimate Enemy and in fact becomes the new Ultimate Doom (hence the title of the third part of the trilogy). His transition to evil will probably be motivated by his need to turn Ben/Thing human again--after all, it was enough of a motivator to give us the events of the awful Ultimate Power.

And Mahr Vell was ****ing awesome, so good to see him return.
How do you mean? All we know is that it involves Mahr Vell.

I hate to sound like a broken record or a hater or whatever, but for a lot of Bendis's more recent Ultimate stories, the characters IS the plot.
Did anyone read this? I don't remember the last time a comic book took so long to get scanned :(
I read it.

When exactly does this take place? Why does Johnny have blonde hair? Didn't the CIA, not Roxxon, clone Peter? So many Mysteries!

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