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Jun 16, 2004
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There was comic convention get together thing and it mentioned the happenings with the Ultimate Universe.

-Marvel said what had already been said in Wizard about Ultimate Secret. The third part in the trilogy will be released some time in 2005.

-Marvel also went out to say that by the end of 2005 they would like to have a fifth on-going title for the Ultimate Universe. They wanted to keep the number of titles to a minimum, however, the agreed that they would allow one more in before putting a foot down about Ultimate ongoings... There was no hint or information about what kind of title.
There was comic convention get together thing and it mentioned the happenings with the Ultimate Universe

Toronto? Do you have a link?
I see Ultimate Daredevil being a possibility [perhaps the min-series could be a warm-up], only because it has some credit as a movie, others like the Hulk and Fantastic Four already have their own titles. Honestly, it would be great to see a Marvel Knights'ish title. One focusing on all aspects of the "dirty" side of the ultimate universe.
Hmm.... I would like to see Hulk get his own ongoing.

But Marvel said "fifth ongoing" right? Well get this, what if there is no Ultimates Vol. 3? It would go down back to 4 ongoing.

1. Ultimate X-Men
2. Ultimate Fantastic Four
3. Ultimate Spider-Man
4. Ultimate (whatever they decide it to be)

Would they consider something else to be a fifth ongoing or something?
I think that is unofficially confirming that there will not only be an Ultimates Vol. 3, but it will go even past that.

Whether or not Millar has anything to do with it is another matter.
So then Ultimates will only be in 13 issue vol.'s each time?

It depends on whomever (if anyone) write them. Millar thought the series should be done in this manner, but it's not his call, really.
Yeah, once Millar gets back on track or another writer is put on the title I think they outta have it just be an actual title. Wait, hold the phone... I think they outta keep it the way it is. As we've said before, there isn't enough stuff in the universe to keep the Ultimates busy. To avoid being redundant, they should just do minis of the Ultimates.

DD would be my guess, too, but I don't think I'd pick it up.
Definitely Daredevil, if any other hero. If not, the next ongoing should even be considered with a villain as the main character. Or another gov't team of mutants. Ultimate Deadpool or Ultimate X-Factor.
Ultimate Deadpool or Ultimate X-Factor hmmmm.... sounds good to me. But somehow, Marvel might have different plans.

But I would like to see either or be made.
Come on guys, the essential idea behind the ultimate universe is bringing the most important marvel characters into the 21st century. To make those characters new, that have been starved to death under 30 years+ of accumulated status quo.
There is no need to ultimize a character like deadpool. If you wanted to change him, you could still do so within the pages of his 616-book, provided he still has one. Remember, if a character's 616-book gets chancelled, he's got no chance too sell enough for a continued presence in ultimate.
Well, I don't know if I agree. I mean, he could end up like Wolverine in this Universe. He could be someone colder than that of his 616 counterpart and he could be less annoying, too.
Just because the Ultimate verse wa created to bring characters in to the 21st century that have been "not noticed' or whatever for 30 years+, doesnt mean they cant bring in charcters like Deadpool or someone else.
Yeah thats kinda the reason i dont want to see an Ultimate Daredevil. The 616 has had problems in the past and the new version (this series) has been great. Buuut what can you do different in the ultimate to make it better?

Deadpool - no
X-factor/force/calibur/cable - no

I honestly dont know what the next one should be (we should keep it small though) maybe Ultimates: Black Ops (having two ultimates books with different teams) but i dont think that will happen.
But heres the thing with X-factor. It happened already in X-Men. Well, sorta. Remember that in the 616 verse X-Factor was a government operated team.

During the "New Mutants" arc, remeber the team that the President chose? Im not saying that they were X-factor or anthing, but like them. They may not have had the same name, but could have been them.

And who knows, the President might make another team, and that could be the next book. But I dont think that'll happen.
Thats true about x-factor. That could be ok.

I truely believe that they should concentrate on quality and not quantity.
Mini's are fine but lets keep the ongoing below 5 and make them as different as possible (no 3-4 x books)
I agree with most posts above, but I still think Deadpool has potential to be brought into the Ultimate universe. He could even pose as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. He doesn't even have to be funny, we have Spidey, Torch, and the Thing for that. Even Hawkeye has a good sense of humor.
I would give the Ultimate Universe one more X-title. One title can't keep up with all of the characters that fans are asking for and it would certainly give the X-Men, who have been dying for panel space, time to grow more as characters. Yes, we've seen more of each character since Vaughan walked on, but there is STILL more to these characters than meets the eyes. We need another title for them to grow and to allow the others to grow that have been thrown into limbo.

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