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Nov 30, 2004
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So we start off with a storyteller version of Silver Sable.

She grew up with an alcoholic mother and daddy was never around. Her dad's on her deathbed and calls her to see him. He explains that he's a mercenary and could never make time for her but he doesn't want to die he wants to teach her everything he knows. He dies and Sable begs the people daddy works for to train her....


Peter's sitting there out like a light. Sable/Wildpack talk to Mr. Roxxon about him. He wakes up and Roxxon turns out to be a confused naive individual who just wants to thank Spider-Man for saving his company twice. He says he's constantly being attacked and wants to know why Spider-Man is helping him. Spider-Man is pissed he was kidnapped and yells at him.

The Wildpack fingerprint Peter with a hijacked Stark fingerprint scanner that can hack into whatever registry can identify Peter...

SHIELD gets alerted and Fury is informed. He orders a black ops team to survey Roxxon where Peter is being held but not too engage.

The Wildpack know they just knocked on SHIELD's door and freak out. Suddenly there's an explosion. Roxxon begins to fall from the top floor of his building.

We then get Mr. Roxxon's story just like Silver Sables. Punk kid who got everything through daddy's money until his dad died. He inherited the company but doesn't have any idea how to run in it.


Anyway all hell breaks loose as there's explosions. The Wildpack thinks it's SHIELD but Sable says it's not their style.

Enter Ultimate Vulture (Toomes)

Just didn't do anything for me. The flashback was terrible. Typical loner girl grows up to be biggest badass. Roxxon's made me laugh though. It was timed perfectly.

The SHIELD bit was really cool. I'm looking forward to more Spider-Man/SHIELD interaction.

Really pissed that Sable still doesn't know who Peter is and the fact that Toomes has entered the picture will probably make me more pissed. Ultimate Vulture doesn't even look as cool as #90's cover.

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MwoF, for the most part I think we've sided with eachother (More recently, anyway... I can remember you and I have such a colorful history), but today I don't think you could be more wrong.

I thought this issue was the best we've been given in a while.

The issue is paced in a typical Bendis format, following the heads involved in this arc... Silver Sable, Roxxon, and Spider-Man. That in itself is great. I thought that this was a good way to keep the whole "Peter Parker no more" in the foreground, but not forgetting about the unwinding plot.

Vulture showing up was totally great... His entrance was definitely more monumental than Omega Red's. I hope to see much more of him in the next issue and, hopefully, throughout the Parker Legacy. I think Vulture looks cool enough and probably is involved in the "bigger picture" that is being conjured throughout the series.

Well, to be fair I took away points for Bendis not having Sable remember. And Toomes is very unimpressive in my opinion. I'm just not interested in this arc at all. And I think Sable is a terrible character.

I did like Roxxon though, and I still enjoy the organization Sable runs. And the fact that SHIELD is coming into the picture. So there were some little enjoyments but not enough for me to like it. 2.5 is the halfway mark for me. Means I didn't hate it but I could've done without it.
Like I said, this is one of the best single issues we've gotten in a while. The last couple of issues in this arc were definitely not gems... But this one really stood out. I might even say that I am now enjoying Ultimate Spider-Man better than I am X-Men. :)

Sable is just kind of there. I understand why you feel she's a terrible character. She hasn't made an impression on me, either. She does, however, have a very cool costume. ;)

I think you'll warm up to Vulture... He hasn't even said anything yet, MwoF. Give him a shot.
I just lament that Ultimate Vulture wasn't Ultimate Beetle, and Spidey's final line was-

"Hey...I know you!"
this wasn't a bad issue, the letter sucked *** though, thats the worst choice of lettering i've ever seen. there are many things that were good, mainly the last few pages, everything after the Fury came in. before that was just BS
Ok......this is hard for me but USM is what got me back into comics.

It's like that 1st new love after an extended leave of absense from the dating game. Everything about them is great! You totally love them! So much that you decide to be together forever.

But then after a while.....they let themselves go. You begin to look at other new, shiny, flashy things. Then they question you as to where has the love gone? Defeated and embarassed....you tell them the truth. You tell them that they're not the same thing you fell in love with. Things change. With a tear in their eye they say they'll change......they'll do better. They try......but it's just not the same. But then you remember the good times you've had and realize that it ain't that easy to throw them away. You have to give them another chance.

So this is a small warning to USM/Bendis......LOCK IT UP! You LOCK IT UP! [/weddingcrasher]

Seriously.....I want to like USM.....but they've just been slacking. I could've done without the current and last 4 arcs.
  • Warriors - Meh......nothing special. Oooooooo....new colors. So what? Just because I spray paint dog **** gold don't mean it's jewelry.
  • Hobgoblin - Not a bad arc.....it just lacked that "umph" to make me care. At least they let Harry be Hobgoblin and not have it be some Johnny No-Good Newcomer
  • Carnage - Way to waste 2critical characters there Bendis.........
  • Superstars - This was just unimpressive. From the 80's "Vice Versa" knock off to Johnny Storm......it just sat there. It was like it was meant to be filler inbetween 2 great big arcs that were gonna change everything for USM.................only the big arcs never came.

I'm really hoping that things pick-up and become great again for issue #100.......but it probably won't.

Solid issue 7 out 10.

I like the way he told the backgrounds of everyone. Actually it kind of reminded me of "Fun with Dick and Jane" for some reason, which I liked. I wished Sable had a different back story for the same reasons someone mentioned before but I didn't mind it too much. A question, however, does this make her family heritage Jewish or a gypsy (I am assuming that her grandfather was in a camp)? Either one can either be explored more and would make an even better origin story than we got here. The Roxxon back story I liked very much and laughed through most of it.

I did think it was cornball that the only reason Roxxon was spending thousands/millions of dollars was to just see why Spiderman was helping him out. I have to wonder if Roxxon makes it out of this alive how hes going to be involved in USM from now on.

Keep the game out of continuity please because I only played a little at a friends house and will prolly not be able play the game again. The only exception is if they release a comic with the games story.

Vulture looks cool.

I have feeling that after U2 we will see less of SHIELD they way things are going. In regards to Bendis's writing, it has been very mediocre but solid. I have found it more enjoyable than most of the other Ultimate titles (especially X-Men).
i thought this was an ok issue, but the weakest in the arc...i can already tell, that there isn't gonna be a proper fight between peter & the vulture, shield's gonna come down & save the day. but then after that...ULTIMATE DEADPOOL!!!!!!! :rockon:
Hussefell said:
I did think it was cornball that the only reason Roxxon was spending thousands/millions of dollars was to just see why Spiderman was helping him out.
Oh, I have to disagree. I thought it was brilliant. I was so relieved to see a naive overgrown rich boy running the company instead of some pyschotic jackass looking to bring Peter down. He was curious. Pretty good, I think.
TheManWithoutFear said:
Oh, I have to disagree. I thought it was brilliant. I was so relieved to see a naive overgrown rich boy running the company instead of some pyschotic jackass looking to bring Peter down. He was curious. Pretty good, I think.

Totally, completely, 100% agree.

there you go
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You know something you're right! Who needs that video game? I was so worried I wouldn't get it... The rest of you are actually struggling to figure out how the video game is relevant. I'm glad I didn't pick up the game now.
It's fun. Loved the three ''once upon a time...''. As long as you don't abuse it, it's a good joke instead of a gimmick.

Also, this background on Roxxon explains a lot.

Back in the first part I wondered why the hell Roxxon would think Spider-man was involved in what was happening to him. Basic understanding of concept like correlations and cause and effect would have told any educated man that the odds were that Spider-Man was just doing what Spider-Man does ; being the prime source of beating for various super powered villain of New York. That two of these villains had it in for Roxxon reveals more about Roxxon's enemies than about Spider-Man.

But hey, whaddya know, we now see that Roxxon is an ex-spoiled-frat-brat who snored through his classes. Just the kind of bozo able to make leaps of logic that would drive his previous teachers of philosophy, math and stats to seriously question the value of their work. So thumbs up on plugging a plot hole, Bendis. I won't mention the video game. What video game? Never played any spider-man video game. This story makes perfect sense. :lol:

Oh, and Vulture looks cool and bad *** without having that boosted through steroid look that many Ultimatized villain have. Nice, want to see more.


Good arc so far.

EDIT : Hey, wow, my sig is spreading. Cool!
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I like how, IMO, six parts seems to really be working/good for this arc. But then again, it's probably just the new great coloring.


I don't get it. :?

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