Ultimate X-Men #55 discussion (spoilers)

TheManWithoutFear said:
Can we spoil on this thread yet?? Cos I want to talk about it more openly

I just split the spoiler talk into this thread. Spoil away here, but not in the MHC thread in the news section.
TheManWithoutFear said:
Cool so... the biggest thing is Nightcrawler gettings stabbed... I almost jumped out of my seat... i had to look at it like 50 times to make sure I wasn't seein anything...

Yo me too! I was like, No, he cant die!! :shock:
Wait, what Spider-Man reference?

And also, I'm probably just forgetting, but why the heck were Dazzler, Angel, and Colossus ripping apart that plane?
Longshot looks fine to me. But in that part where he drew Iceman, where he looked like a girl, that pissed me off.

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