Ultimate X-Men #78 discussion (Spoilers)

I completely disagree with your assesment of the UU as a whole and this issue in particular.

Don't take that the wrong way, I'm not trying to start anything, we just have complete opposite views on things here.

Whether or not you or anyone else think that the UU is more "realistic", there is simply no argument for...

The reason why bringing someone back from the dead in the UU (no matter how much the character is missed/loved) is stupid is because each time you do that---you take away just a bit more of the foundation that the UU is built on. It takes it one step further into random 616 madness and continuity errors and just basic "over the topness".

Spot on.
I think Ultimate Dark Beast is the best route for a Hank McCoy return.

This issue was okay I guess. A little on the fast paced side, but not a bad way to finish up the arc. I'm glad it was Professor X who got it, because anyone else would have kind of been a waste of potential.

As far as him coming back, it's inevitable. Isn't he only second to Magneto as far as cheating death goes? I know he must have been one of the first with the whole Changeling thing.
I think Xavier still has a big part to play in the X-Men (preferably without being ressurected). I would agree he is a rather unnecessary character, BUT as Zombiepanda said previously, he had a lot of seedy activities going on in the background to the X-Men and I would like to find out what he was up to overall.
Maybe Bishop will shed some light next issue?
If Xavier survives by swapping minds or something, I'll be thoroughly upset. That was stupid for them to do in th X3 movie.

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