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Sep 6, 2004
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Okay, as I've been reading the USM HCs I got I've noticed a few things. There are a few plot threads that went unresolved.

First up we've got the Spider-Man impersonator. My big question is where did he get some kind of webshooters. He's also strong enough to throw someone through the teller glass and just hold someone with one arm while slapping them around. That's not just some guy.

Second off what happened to Geldoff? Was Bendis planning on using him in an Ultimate X-Men storyline that he didn't get to write? They did give you a sense of timeline in the Geldof arc with the mention that Wolverine was missing, putting it right before Blockbuster, so it's entirely possible that it was supposed to be his 3rd storyline.

I'm not going to list things like what happened to harry Osborn or Venom, since that's ment to be ambiguous to allow for thier return if another good story with the character presents itself.

The fake Spider-Man thing is really bugging me though.
Yes, the fake Spider-Man is something strange. I think Geldoff's Doom's son that he genetically mutated and then abandoned. That fake spiderman guy reminded me of Cletus Kassidy for some reason.
At first I thought it was Mysterio, then I find out its some guy. I said "yeah okay, it was just some random guy" but know that you put it like that, he's no random guy. I dont think we're going to see him again. As for Geldoff. Who the fuck knows. We'll see what Bendis does with that.
I could see the Mysterio idea. That would be intresting. Bring in a classic Spider-man villian with a tie to one of the more important arcs in the book so far.

He's gotta keep the dome head though. Gotta.
Oh hella yeah, with out the dome head Mysterio is done. I wanna see Ultimate Mysterio.
I thought Mysterio was in the Hollywood arc? I wanna see Ultimate Vulture. What happened to Ultimate Rhino? There's something that's just left hanging loose. BTW Rene, I emailed my idea to Marvel's Ultimate office.
No that was Bruce whatever his lastname is(the guy from the Evil Dead Movies) was playing Mysterio. For the Spider-Man movie.
Oh, I thought he was some special effects guy and people ignored them so he kept them hostage or something. So he was just the character in the movie?
Yup, that was basically it. Nothing big. I really wanna see Ultimate Mysterio
I wanna see Ultimate Vulture and Ultimate Scorpian and Ultimate Rhino fight Thor and Spidey. The animals would get their asses kicked.
Well, Bendis originally said that the Geldoff story was intended to lead into something that would bring all of the Ultimate characters together. I am not sure if this holds any water or is still putzing around in Bendis' head, but that's what he said about that a while ago. I was actually thinking that these tests that were going on in Latveria were something with Doom, too, but not to the extent where Geldoff was his son. Good idea, and I would really like to see that and I would also love to see him have more children, however, I doubt that will happen.

That whole Spider-Man phony guy isn't gonna amount to anything. His purpose was merely for killing off Captain Stacy. Shame, too, I really thought he was going to amount to, say, the Chameleon. Also, what if he didn't give Spider-Man his name so that he could keep it secret, thinking that Spider-Man would do a background check and find out about his involvement with someone like the Kingpin or something... Maybe even Green Goblin.
The Kingpin was trying to distract him with a fake Spidey while he planeed for something big to happen?
Possibly. I was really just throwing that out there for future plot ideas. Someone could ultimately be playing it smarter than anyone ever has just to kill Peter, you know? He's playing his cards until he lashes out and tries to kill Peter himself... Could be Harry even...
Ooh, we'll just have to wait and see. What are some criminal masterminds that haven't appeared in the Ultimate Universe yet?
On the Scorpion note: Was anyone else expecting the PI/Hitman that Osborn had working for him to be turned into the Scorpion? I couldn't remember his real name, so I was a bit disappointed when he just vanished like that.

Geldof - deffinatly had to do with Doom, though the speculation that he's his son seems pretty unfounded. I don't see Doom experimenting on his spawn, but using any random person. Besides, Ultimate or no once Doom gains control of Latveria he really CONTROLS it. I don't see any level of genetic testing going on in there without his knowledge. There was probably a fairly impressive storyline set up around this all untill they decided to monkey with things and bring in the FF.
The hitman's guy was Shaw. At first I thought maybe he was Sebastian or Shinobi Shaw but who knows. I agree Geldoff may not be Doom's son but I think it was Doom who created him.
I only read Ultimate Marvel comics, Goodwill.

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