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May 17, 2004
Major Dark Reign spoilers for those who care:

So who is the super secret weapon that Norman Osborn is using to ensure his Cabal keep together, during the Marvel Dark Reign crossover event? The shadowy figure that everyone from Doctor Doom to Loki is intimidated by?

This weekend at the Big Apple Comic Con I saw evidence that pointed in one very specific direction indeed.

Evidence that indicates it's not Mephisto as much rumoured. But that's the correct initial letter. Twice.

Could it be… could it really be… the big MM? Are these Marvel's plans for the future use of this character that's rather dear to my heart?

Please, God, make this be false. I'm not sure they could come up with a worse idea.
Major Dark Reign spoilers for those who care:

Please, God, make this be false. I'm not sure they could come up with a worse idea.

Oh Lord, of course it's not.

They didn't even have the rights when Dark Reign started. And it makes no internal sense that any of the characters would be intimidate. And it's the same nonsensical rumour-mongering that people did as soon as Marvel acquires any property. "It must be linked!" As soon as Disney got Marvel, fanboys assumed this meant that Donald Duck continuity and Spider-Man continuity were now connected because of corporate ownership. This kind of thinking is retarded and why Marvel and DC are so alienated from the rest of the world. Trying to navigate the crazy, "Everything's connected" mentality is just damaging.

It's not Marvelman, it's not Miracleman, it's not Mickey Mouse.

It's some ****ing douche that no one cares about who will turn out to be ****. It'll either not make sense, "Captain Marvel's the big bad? Why? And why are they intimidated?" or it'll just be Mephisto and everyone will be 'called' it and all this speculation was because it was so damned obvious and everyone new they were in for a long, boring, year of, "Who is it?"

Mickey Mouse?

Beat me to it. :D
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If this is true I am going to kick the comic book that confirms it to death.

Also: Bass is absolutely right and there is no way this is true.

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