What x-people do you think they should bring in?


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Jul 17, 2004
I think they should back emma frost with her own team and have her against x-men because of how she feels with xavier running the team.
I wana see some of the mutants from the "new mutants" arc, like Havok or Alex Summers, i would like to see Mimic he would be an interesting foe or allie
I want to see more of some of the mutants that had slightly more than cameos. Multiple Man, Forge, Polaris (wonder if she's still Magneto's daughter?), that kind of thing. No need to be bringing in more people when there's plenty of other characters that haven't been explored.

I would like to see Ultimate Chamber though.
Yeah, I would tend to want Forge and Multiple Man rather than new characters. Sure, new characters are always cool to have, but when you still have characters just lying around you can't help but want them back. Those two could make a good story as well as the many other mutants that have fallen into limbo.
Heh, I really want to see Mutiple Man ever since I started reading Mardox.

As for the Morlocks, how do you think they'd Ultimitize them? I was thinking something more along the lines of a Mutant Street Gang in New York or LA.
XTFLyons said:
dude I like that gang idea a lot... but they'd still have to live in sewers just as a retreat...

Now see I think that's the kind of cheese the Ultimate line should be trying to prevent.
Well, for one they'll have homes and won't be comminting crimes for pure survival, but for thrills and attemps at increasing ranks within the group. The base activities may be similar on some levels, but the motivations and consequences for the actions would be comepletly diffrent.

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