Who Do You Hate?


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Feb 23, 2005
I hate to start to such a negative thread, but what comic book creators do you hate?
Well, I don't know any of the comic creators as people, so it wouldn't be fair to state I *hate* someone. That said, this is the internet, and as such, it should be filled with unsubstantiated opinion masquerading as fact.


I hate Jeph Loeb because I don't think the guy can write well at all.

I hate Brian Michael Bendis because he was really good and it seems he's gone from good to dull and conventional.

I hate Warren Ellis because I just got the Ministry of Space TPB and didn't really like it that much.

I hate Stan Lee because I now can't invent Spider-Man.

I hate Eduardo Risso and Brian Azzarello because they don't illustrate and write every comic out there.

Okay, maybe hate is a strong term... except for Jeph Loeb.
Frankly, I don't know names. But over the years, I've seen enough books that centre around big fights, from fanboy requests for hero1 vs hero2. I mean, who really gives a ****? Dumb writers that don't try to add to the genre, and ones that use stupid plot tools to make amends for their lack of creative ability.

The comic writing market is notoriously hard to get into. So why are so many awful writers on the books? And more than that, there are hundreds, or thousands of really average ones.

From what I've seen on this site, the comments and observations made. There is probably more talent here than in the staple marvel director of decent writers. It's sad that comic books are still seen as low rent pulp fiction for kids, when great writers are to be found. Even some of those that we hail as heroes, really do not match mainstream fiction at all. They should. And the industry needs to take more risks on small names. More great writers are probably turned away each month than have worked on the x-men in the last ten years.
Ok, that's not true, but a lot of good ones have been turned away.
(And before you think it, i've never written anything to submit and been turned away:))
And the real reason for your kilo-status becomes apparent.

But FRET NOT, GUIJLLONS! For the comic medium may indeed, have many, many, many awful writers working for it... but so does HOLLYWOOD! The entire film industry, most of its writers are apalling. The same goes for novels, radio plays, theatre plays, television... you name it. If it's a story-telling medium, the majority of the story-tellers are a big pile of wank.

In fact, this is true of all art forms - fine art, music...
Bass said:
Well, I don't know any of the comic creators as people, so it wouldn't be fair to state I *hate* someone.

I forgot to mention that this is purely based on their work.

I agree that Jeph Lobe sucks (atleast what I've read of his work)
Jim Lee is overrated. I mean REALLY, OVERRATED. He's alright, but people talk about him like he's the god of comic book art, while incredible guys like Bryan Hitch don't get nearly as much cred.
David Finch. He's like Lee, but a whole lot crappier. I'm sick of his oddly shaped heads, and unbelievably thick necks.
Micheal Turner. Draws really hot girls. Should stick to girls. Batman should not have feathery eyelashes and pouty lips, dammit.
Ethan Van Sciver. Poor man's Bryan Hitch. A whole lotta detail with no real substance.
George Perez. Does he think that drawing hundreds of characters at the same time just make his art look better. Cuz it doesnt.

Alright, I'm done ranting.
Yeah, thanks for depressing me further Kentish :D

Although, comics, it's trickier to spot. For books, I get a bad writer every now and again, and get disappointed with an established one too (Super cannes, JG Ballard anyone?). But in comics, we follow characters, we want to know what will happen next to them, but when it's written so poorly, we feel the need to have to sit through 23 pages of drivel. It's a curse I tell you.

And movies, don't get me started on the FF movie again. At least the Roger Corman one had charm.
I remember Jeph Loeb saying that he wanted his Superman/Batman series to be like a "summer blockbuster every month" and I think he succeeded.

It was rushed, shallow, and a pathetic cliche.

Right on the money.

Anyhow, I think Finch is fine. I don't see why people hate it. It's not bad in my opinion, but I don't think its extreme enough to provoke a strong reaction from any side of the fence.

George Perez is a great craftsmen. He's not as aesthetically pleasing as say, Bryan "Ubermensch" Hitch, but he's extremely skilled.

Jim Lee, well I love him. Yeah, he's not the god of art (apparently, that's Glen Fabry - he told me so at a con), but I love him. His run on X-Men was one of my first forays into comics.
Finch is toss.

Okay, I don't mean that. He's a great artist. Just really lacking vision. He can only draw one face. ONE! They all have the same nose. All guys look the same, all girls do. He is technical, but he needs to learn to relax a little, take risks. sheesh.

I remember saying something earlier about posting, but now I've forgotten it.
Bass said:
Jim Lee, well I love him. Yeah, he's not the god of art (apparently, that's Glen Fabry - he told me so at a con), but I love him. His run on X-Men was one of my first forays into comics.

Don't get me wrong, I like Jim Lee, it's just sick of people going insane when they see his art work.
DigiEmissary said:
I would say Chuck Austen, but what he does can't be called "creating."


I forgot about Chuck Austen.
I hate Ron Marz, because he's shat on alot of things I've enjoyed.

I hate people who only read one corner of the comic publishing world, and refuse to admit that other areas might be worth thier concideration.

I hate people who hate Alex Maleevs art.

I hate Bendis, for writting books that read like crap in monthly format, but are amazing collected.

I hate marvel for getting me to read New Avengers, then dangling it over my head like a damn carrot.

I hate John Byrne. I just do.

I do not hate Jeph Loeb. I've enjoyed most everything I've read of his, even Superman/Batman. Campy fun guys.

I hate people in general.

I hate how cold I am right now.

I hate this thread.
I hate everyone and everything. Go away.
I don't *hate* anyone, but I can't stand Rob Liefield's art, Byrne's ego, or Jim Shooter's writing.
i think Loeb can only write good graphic novels that involve Batman somehow.

i hate Millar's dialogue.

i hate Chris Claremont's dialogue even more.
Yeah, I'm not real crazy about Claremont either.

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