Why the Hulk and not Magneto


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Sep 1, 2005
This confuses me, As I have pieced together, Magneto is responsible for 9/11 in the Ultimateverse. He attacks washington. He has the washington bridge blown up and then threatens the entirety of the world on his floaty asteroid in the arctic. All the while completely aware of what he has done.

Hulk kills eight-hundred or so, completely stupidafied by the hulk serum, and the Hulk recieves the death sentance. Magneto, however, does not. What gives!? I can't find anything that would explain this apparent paradox.
I believe it was stated that Magneto is "still awaiting trial." Why? I'm not sure. Maybe he's not a citizen... I don't know.
They should film his trial on live TV aswell. Lots of metal parts in cameras.
I think the trouble is with Magneto is that I don't think he's an American Citizen...
Yes, but that shouldn´t matter, since his doings probably qualify as crimes against humanity, in wich case he could be facing trial and sentence according to international law.

I think probably that the trial preparations are taking time - wich is not unlikely. Sadam Husseins trial still haven´t begun yet, have it?

Could also be that its a political hot potato to order a death sentence on a mutant. But I don´t think thats it, since Magneto clearly is a mass murderer. I think the Magneto trial is on its way.
One of the point made in Millars run was also just how can you "humanly" execute someone without the use of metal? What are they going to do, get a bunch of big guys to beat him to death with baseball bats?
They're more than capable of producing plastic syringes, I don't believe there's metal in them normally.

Of course, then that brings up the old trace-metals-in-everything argument.
Because it would cause a huge turmoil in human mutant relations. Many mutants think of Magneto as their leader. We are now seeing the Brother being a little less violent with out him, but if he were to be killed it may can a riot.
I thought one of the story arcs that was planned was the trial of magneto?

Or was that a dream again... :sure:
ProjectX2 said:
They should film his trial on live TV aswell. Lots of metal parts in cameras.

There are cameras without metal in them. Like the one Quick Silver uses to threaten to break his father's neck in Magnetic North.
Ultimate Quicksilver said:
lethal gas i think

I'm pretty sure the Gas Chamber is no longer considered Humane Execution... I mean, thats what the Nazis did...
Dr.Strangefate said:
I'm pretty sure the Gas Chamber is no longer considered Humane Execution... I mean, thats what the Nazis did...

I wouldn't think an atomic bomb is either, buuuut..........
Yes, but it was the only foolproof way of executing the Hulk. (not all that fool-proof, though, was it?)

But that's a good point... I'm guessing they just don't know how to do it properly... Not to mention, Xavier could be purposely delaying it.
Hussein is only just about to be put on trial.

Guys like this; you get one shot. You don't want them getting off on a technicality. It takes a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of politics when dealing with fundamentalist right-wing groups, their incarcerated leaders - even more so when those being tried are international.

It's possible that America wants Magneto but another country wants Magneto and is filing for jurisdiction. It's a big mess, that takes time to sort out.

Plus... I don't want Magneto dead. I like him too much.
We'll never see Mags executed in th UU, for the simple reason that having him alive suits Marvel better from a storytelling point of view. Mags serves best as a threat that can always be hanging over their heads, about to strike. Also a Mags story done well is unbelieveable, and it doesn't serve them well to do him off. The same reason they have the Hulk on the run now, that's how he's done best.

And as for the thread's initial q, the Hulk incident was a lot more black & white than Magneto's situation. Also, if i'm remembering correctly, Mags didn't start the war with humans, America did when they launched the Sentinels into the Savage Land in Tomorrow People?Its been a while since I read Millar's run though....

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