Wildstorm universe?

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HOW I loved the Jenny Sparks character. And the Midnighter. I think they're why I give Ellis the benefit of the doubt whenever he writes something new.
I really think that Ellis is the only writer to really get the Midnighter. He's a bit more than the ultimate combatant. Brubaker was damn close with his self sacrificing midnighter though.

I'd reccomend some Stormwatch. Mainly The High storyline since it has alot of Authority set-up in it and the Team Achillies series. You'll be damn pissed by the end but its so very good.

And yeah, just start with Joe Caseys Wildcats. Anything else is optional. Even Moore.
And look! A "WildCATS sampler" put up over on the LJ comm scans_daily!





and some from the (not very good) WildCATS-X-Men crossover (there were, I think, 4 in all - this one of Wolverine and Zealot, one with Grifter and Jean Grey and I forget the other two):


And Stormwatch: Team Achilles is the WildStorm equivalent of what SHIELD's "superhero hunters" will be in Civil War - Team Achilles exists to take down super-powered rogues, whether they call themselves "heroes" or not. It's another uneven comic - if you are fond of the Authority, they get "owned" a little too easily, but there are some good issues, and the drama behind the scenes of the comic is almost as amusing. The writer, Micah Wright, made extensive claims on-line about having been a soldier (an Army Ranger specifically) and claimed to have seen service and combat in certain venues. When called on it, he kept the story up, even in the face of evidence that he was not just stretching the truth but flat-out lying. DC cancelled the series out from under him, mid-story arc. The last issue is available as a script on-line (I think Wright's web site). Whatever the deal with Wright personally is, some of Team Achilles is quite entertaining in a fast-paced covert-ops team sort of way.
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Should this be the general Wildstorm thread for old Wildstorm titles, and the Wildstorm Relaunch thread be used for the new titles? I think that would work the best.

Anyway, right now, in my Wildstorm collection there is:

The Authority Book 1: Relentless
The Authority Book 2: Under New Management
The Authority Book 3: Earth Inferno And Other Stories
The Authority Book 4: Transfer Of Power
Planetary Book 1: All Over The World And Other Stories
Planetary Book 2: The Fourth Man
Planetary Book 3: Leaving The 20th Century

I've also read a few of Ellis' Stormwatch books (which I didn't find that good), and I downloaded The Authority: Revolution (which was excellent).

I plan on getting more eventually, such as:
Planetary Book 4 (whenever it comes out)
The Authority: Revolution Books 1 and 2
Sleeper Books 1-4
Wildcats (Casey's run)

Anything else a definite?
I'm going down to my comic shop this weekend (it's a 3 hour drive), and I'm going to buy at least two trades. I think I've got a discount offer, which means I can probably get three.

I was going to get some Batman stuff, either Batman: Under the Hood or Hush Returns, but I'm not sure. Then I thought Morrison's New X-Men, because I downloaded it a while ago, and it was quite good.

Now, because I'm on a Wildstorm high, I might get some Wildstorm trades instead. So, recommend me three that I don't already have (points at above post).

I'll probably get the two Revolution trades, and then other. Should I start with Wildcats 2 or 3.0? Or Sleeper? Or the Point Blank prequel?

Help me.
I dunno. That one sounds kind of dull, and I was looking forward to trying a new series, like Sleeper or Wildcats.
Pont Blank and Sleeper books 1&2. The first sets up the premise of Sleeper using familier characters like Lynch and Grifter, and the second two are the first season of Sleeper, a self contained 12 issues. Brubaker might be doing some good work at Marvel, but his Wildstorm stuff is my favorite of his so far.

Atleast untill Criminal comes out.
I had a disappointing comic shop visit. :(

Firstly, the owner wasn't there, and he's like the only guy who can do stuff, like access the accounts, look for stuff etc. Only his stupid lackeys were there and they just groaned and mumbled.

There was no Authority: Revolution. No Authority: Human on the Inside. No Point Blank. No Wildcats Version 3.0. No Stormwatch. Only 1 volume of Sleeper.

So in the end, I decided to buy the first two volumes of the second series of Wildcats. I've read the first one, and am halfway through the second.

It's kind of confusing, mainly because this is the first time I've seen most of these characters, apart from Grifter, and they already have an established backstory. Later on, I might have to go back and read the Alan Moore trades.

But it's good. I've enjoyed most of it. Charest's pencils rock, and it's too bad, 'cause he only did like four issues.
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Just picked up Sleeper vol.1, and its DAMN good... Like really really ****ing awesomely good.

I want the other volumes now, because I am crazy and demand obediance.
And I forgot to mention... it cost me $72 for two trades! 72 bucks!

I read Coup D'Etat. It was boring. I'm glad I didn't buy it. But at least I know how The Authority took over America now.

It also put me off Stormwatch: Team Achilles. Is that any good?
ProjectX2 said:
And I forgot to mention... it cost me $72 for two trades! 72 bucks!

I read Coup D'Etat. It was boring. I'm glad I didn't buy it. But at least I know how The Authority took over America now.

It also put me off Stormwatch: Team Achilles. Is that any good?
Its very good, but apparently the writer lied his *** off over qualifications to get the book so when DC editorial found out they cancled it out from under him. I'm sure it not being the best selling book in the world didn't hurt thier desicion either, but they should have atleast finished the arc it was in...

Dr.Strangefate said:
Just picked up Sleeper vol.1, and its DAMN good... Like really really ****ing awesomely good.

I want the other volumes now, because I am crazy and demand obediance.
All of Brubaker's wildstorm work is just ****ing awesome.
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I've read the first arc of Sleeper. It's pretty cool.
Having bought and finished all four volumes of Sleeper in the past three days, I am on a Wildstorm High... I especially love the characters of Grifter, John Lynch, and Tao.

I am now extraordinarily interested in looking into the rest of the Pre-Worldstorm (What happened at the end of Captain Atom) WSU...

Where should I start?

I've read all planetary, all authority (except for the Robinson crap, i didnt want to pay money for it...), and ellis' run on Stormwatch. I was thinking WildCATS, but I don't know what's crap and what's not...

Help me, friends!
We are similar.

I picked up the first two volumes for Wildcats series 2 the other weekend. It's pretty good. I suggest starting there, or even skipping to Version 3.0, which I hear is incredible.
Don't skip straight to 3.0, its all built up on what happens in Volume 2. If you start with Street Smarts it starts as Superhero Fair, but quickly morphs into an examination of what these people do with thier lives after thier war has ended. The series focuses on Grifter, Spartan, Voodo and Maul (who mostly go by thier real names through the series. I think they call Jeremy Maul once) as they readjust to life, and the complications that arise in the Wildstorm universe. Art chores are done by some fantastic talent, like Sleepers Sean Phillips, Steve Dillon, and Dustin Nguyen using a larger than life style come 3.0. I can't reccomend these books enough.
I downloaded all of the series/miniseries that have come out with the WildCATS characters up to date... I started on the first story-arc, but found it very difficult to follow and skipped ahead to the full Alan Moore story-arc... That's when everything started to pick up for me, and the introduction and development of Tao as a character makes him officially one of my favorite comic book super-villains ever...

From Moore's run I finished volume 1.0, and moved on to volume 2.0, which I sped through, and I am now eagerly devouring 3.0, which is DAMN good.

Grifter is slowly becoming one of my favorite characters... but the whole Idea of a corporate superhero team is just so ****ing fantastic, and is being carried out very well...

I now can't wait for the Worldstorm comics to start coming out, and I'm going to download all of the Gen13 comics, and then I might look into some of the other side-characters...

Wildstorm Universe = Awesome.
If Tao returns somewhere in the Worldstorm relaunch then rebooting the universe will be for the best.
I'm sure he will... As of now, he's just sitting in a giant test-tube in Jack Lynch's I.O. Headquarters...

And its not often you get to work with Alan Moore-created villains.