Wizard World Tour: Chicago Coverage


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Jul 24, 2004
The World of Icelandia.

WWTC (see title) has officially began at 9 am. All the news will be posted here. To read about their 'Opening Night', click here, at Newsarama.

Stay tuned for the information to come soon.
According to www.newsarama.com
Marvel Comics may have just scored the first major "buzz" announcement of this weekend's Wizardworld: Chicago, minutes ago announcing it has signed writer Jeph Loeb to an exclusive contract and that he'll be working with artist Joe Madureira on a project.
Bass is going to crap himself when he hears Loeb's with Marvel.
Thanks guys, for helping out. Today was my last day of summer work, and wasnt able to go on any computer.

Now to check things out! Im loving Loeb being exclusive! I LOVED his Hulk: Gray.
Ah, so what if Loeb is part of Marvel? He can't **** it up any more.

Maybe DC will be in good shape though. They've traded Loeb for Morrison. ALL HAIL DC!

God, I can't even begin to care. I hate hype so much.
Bass said:
They've traded Loeb for Morrison. ALL HAIL DC!

That's like trading in Charlotte Rae for Jessica Alba. Good for DC.
Guijllons said:
Ok, I dunno who Charlotte Rae is, is Jessica (I have 2.5 acting 'gestures') Alba supposed to be preferable?

Charlotte Rae was "Mrs. Garrison" on the Facts of Life. So, obviously Alba is a major improvement (atleast in looks).

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