X-men: The End: Heroes and Martyrs discussion [spoilers]

Well, Gambit is a sort of HALF brother anyway.

icemastertron said:
No. Sinister created Gambits' power out of Cyclops.

Now what comes into question is "Is Gambit an actual mutant or a DNA tampered human?".
If he has the identical DNA configuration of a mutant instead of a human (which I think he does) he can be called mutant, a test tube mutant but a mutant non the less.
X-Men - The End - Book Two - Heroes and Martyrs 6 discussion (SPOILERS!)

Good read. Many died.

- Dani Moonstar was resurected and fused with Valkyrie so now she not only have the power of Cheyenne but those of Asgard too. After she have killed the Director of the concentration camp Neverland (that was located on the moon) she destroid the facility and left to rebuild the rainbow bridge.

- Rachel beat Cable and helped him overcome his transformation by Technarx.

- Shaitan beat Wolverine but was stopped by Mystique in the form of Rogue. It didn't last and the one to give the fatal blow to Shaitan was instaed the real Rogue that was fused together with Emma Frost.

- She then run into the arms of Gambit only to be struck down by him with a knife through her stomach. It shows that it wasn't Gambit at all but Sinister in the form as Gambit.

- Mystique fights Sinister and reveals that she was the one that had been working side by side with him in the form as Dark Beast. She kills him by cutting of his head.

-Rogue dies in the arms of Gambit and her life ends with a shared kiss between them. (Ultimate X-Men Annual backwards anyone? :D )

- Gambit makes the choice of taking the place of Sinister to stop the Shi'ar that is allied with Sinister and leaves his kids in the care of Mystique. He then leaves with Rachel and Cable and the issue ends with Rachel saying farwell to Kitty in an psychic link-up.
Thanks for this. I wasnt able to get the issue (Damn Earth X HC being $50!!!!), and only gave it a quick look through.

Cant wait to actually sit down and read it. And dont know why it said next book was in November, when theres nothing solicited for it there. Hopefully December.

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