Your Favorite Movies of 2009


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Sep 6, 2004
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Because theres no reason for this to go up in February. In addition I plan to keep track of New Releases in this thread. The first, and only release of 2009?

Defiance - January 2nd

In a limited release.

I do want to see it, but I doubt it will be opening here soon thanks to the limited release. I really hate those. Either distribute it or dont. Theres no excuse for a rolling release in this da and age.
I think Defiance came out on New Years Eve, so it is actually 2008.

Cargo 200 (limited release) does come out on Friday though.
I think Defiance came out on New Years Eve, so it is actually 2008.

Cargo 200 (limited release) does come out on Friday though.

I'm going by IMDB on this which has it on the 2nd. The current January 2nd date for Gruz 200 is just another rolling release of the film in New York only. No more a release than the Slumdog MIlionaire that played Pittsburgh at the start of December.

And no, I didn't see it. I'm about an hour away. Its not worth the trip.

Seriously, why the rolling releases? With the prevelance of the internet it doesn't even help to build up buzz anymore. It just serves to add more confusion to people seeing movies anymore.
It's open now lets just keep it open. At least it's here for when we watch something.
Ultimatedjf's going to be disappointed.

At the very least, shouldn't we wait until at least one person has seen at least one movie from 2009?

Nah, I was planning to also use this thread for release dates, sort of like the shipping thread.
As long as we recognize limited release Award Season films as 2008 movies and not 2009.

Such as:
Gran Torino
The Wrestler
Revolutionary Road
Slumdog Millionaire

They might not have been wide-released by 2008, but they are still considered 2008 movies.

Then there's the fact that nothing decent is coming out until February 6th (Fanboys and Coraline)....

I would have preferred to wait until at least March for this, but whatever.
I just hate movies in general and see no reason for this thread.
I hate the whole let's rate things and not actually pay attention to each other or what we have to say.

I agree, to the extent that I think its pointless when the person doesn't comment on each of the films they list.

I saw this post and looked at Ourchair's post for some reason. :lol:


It's too bad there's not a single 'f' in that post, otherwise you should've captialized it.
This thread is off to a great start!