Your Favorite Movies of 2009

What possessed you to watch underworld?

Meh. I just finished Taken and had time to kill. Who am I to not just walk into a free movie?

Doom thought Rhona Mitra was the discount version of Kate Beckinsale, but as are all things on a discount there was no money back guarantee.

Oddly enough, I don't find Rhona Mitra attractive at all. Her face is too "boxy" and screams "I very well could've been a dude last Wednesday."

You're asking the guy who watches the teen chick flicks on his own?

Screw you! Stick It was awesome.

I :heart: you Wei Wei.

Oh so it's not as good as 1 or 2? I'm waiting to see this when it's out on dvd

Meh. You could wait even longer.

I thought it was on par with the other two. For good or bad.

You still listen to Korn. Your opinion don't count.
Was Taken any good?

It's good if you want to see Liam Neeson as a badass killing machine. Otherwise, it's very average.

I think of it as a 2008 movie anyway since that's when it came out in most of the world.
Somebody has to say it!

Hollywood take note----Rhona Mitra cannot be one of your new sex symbols! If I see her in Maxim's Top 100 Hottest, there will be hell to pay.

Okay, I REALLY tried to like Rhona... I really did. I watched her in Ali G, I watched Doomsday, I watched Rise of the Lycans. I just can't like her, she's like a Wal-Mart version of Kate Beckinsale. It's like "Hey, let's get Kate to do this! Wait... what? We're almost out of casting money? Dude, call Rhona!"

And seriously... she looks like Viggo Mortensen in drag.
The one time I found her hot? In Mark Wahlberg's Shooter.

And it was only because I didn't recognize her. As soon as I realized it was her....I went soft.
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I don't mean to get all weird, but while I don't find Rhona attractive at all, I've never understood the whole "she looks like a man" thing.

I mean, notwithstanding the fact that man-woman aesthetics are entirely subjective --- insert random quote from Judith Butler about gender as a social construct or the fluidity of sexuality --- YES, Rhona DOES look like a man.

But wasn't there a time when all the big sex symbols were kind of mannish. Turn back the clock and look at Brooke Shields and Cindy Crawford were Da Shiz. I guarantee you can find a man underneath all that beauty.
My Favourite Movies of 2009 Updated

  • The wrestler 4.7 / 5
  • Hulk Vs 4.5 / 5 (I know it's 2 films but I'm rating as one)
  • Bolt 3 / 5 - enjoyable but parts let it down.
1. Coraline - 9/10 - The first movie I've ever seen to use 3D to enhance the experience rather than for cheap thrills. A Brilliant movie. By far Sellick's best work, and that includes Nightmare Before Christmas.

2. In The Loop - 8/10 - Very well executed critique of British and American actions before the start of an unnamed war (which can very much be assumed to be Iraq). Absolutely hilarious, there are laugh out loud moments throughout.

3. Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel - 5/10 - Mediocre Sci-Fi comedy shlock that has some good moments and some good ideas, but in the end just leaves you with a wholly mediocre film.

I'll have at least 3 more for this thread, and 4 more for 2008 by the end of the film festival.
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Taken B - This Shortpacked about summs it up.

Coraline B- - I saw this in 2D, so its possible that hindered it. I felt the animation was a bit choppy in a few parts, mainly the begining. Still, it was creepy as hell. And well done.

Friday The Thirteenth B- - Well, take everything that was good in the old Jason movies and give it a budget over 2 mil and you get a highly enjoyable Slasher flick. I liked it.

So far a good start to the year.
It was a lot of fun and the beginning of the movie set it up to be more than just a brainless action movie. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a brainless action movie. But I have to say Taken is the best movie of the year thus far (not counting expanded releases, Frost/Nixon Slumdog).

Score: C+

wow, you have a harsh grading scale!

I thought this was the most entertaining action movie since Bourne Ultimatum!
(certainly a whole heck of a lot better than Quantum of Solace)

It wasn't deep, but I don't think I would call it brainless. I saw the trailer for Crank 2, THAT'S brainless action.

It was intense and enjoyable. It won't win any oscars, but a solid action flick over all. A-
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My first movie of 2009 is...

Watchmen - 7.5/10
I'm not sure how to rate this. It's good but not great. Enjoyable. A worthy adaptation. Probably the closest we'll come to a perfect film version of Watchmen. But there are still flaws... flaws that would always be there because it was a comic, not a film. But yeah... it's good enough for me. 8 might be too high but 7 might be too low, so I think 7.5 is right for me.

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