Dark Reign Pre-Release discussion (Spoilers).


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We had a mid-week LITG update last week looking at some mysterious Dynamic Forces solicitations for signed books featuring covers to Marvel books that Marvel were reluctant to provide any solicitation images for. We showed the "New Avengers" cover which seemed to show a new lineup (though Bendis takes exception to that). There are also covers to "Secret Invasion: Dark Reign" #1 and "War Machine" #1 below... the cast list of the first should make for interesting speculation. And just who is inside that War Machine suit anyway?

We've seen the second one already, so why hide that?


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Re: Dark Reign/Tie-in book covers (Spoilers).

*coughs* so... Emma... and Loki, together, yeah... I'm sold ^_^


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From X-Position with Nick Lowe:

1) During all the recent events (Civil War, World War Hulk, and now Secret Invasion) which affected the Marvel Universe, it seems the X-Men played a minor role in them. So my question is: when is there going to be an X-Men event that affects the overall Marvel Universe and bring more non-mutant heroes to the X-titles?

We generally like playing off to the side, but the X-Men have a huge role in “Dark Reign” which comes to light right after Secret Invasion. And there’s rumbling of a big hullaballoo with the rest of the Marvel U and your favorite mutants.


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Oh I imagine thats just a cover, reflecting The Punisher's new status quo of hunting super's. As usual he'll be hunting f and h list characters.

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