1. Ice

    Baltimore Comic-Con 08.

    This is Ice from Channel News UC, reporting live from Baltimore, Maryland! Okay, not really. But Newsarama has news from the convention that's going on now: Newsarama: Dark Horse Comics Panel Baltimore '08: Slott Takes On Mighty Avengers, More Marvel Baltimore Comic Con '08: DC Nation...
  2. Ice

    Hero Initiative: The Hulk 100 Project

    Newsarama: All 100+ Hero Initiative covers to Marvel Comics' Hulk #1 are on display in The Hulk 100 Project! This great book, with art by J. Scott Campbell, John Cassaday, Frank Cho, Terry Dodson, Dale Keown, John Romita Sr. and Jr. and many more features MORE covers and MORE pages than last...
  3. Ice

    Message to all: EMBRACE CHANGE

    As reported by Comic Book Resources: It's the comic book event that has everyone from Entertainment Weekly to The Wall Street Journal buzzing and now the years top-selling comic, "Secret Invasion", makes its television debut on ESPN2 tonight! During tonight's telecast of the Bricktown...
  4. Ice

    Comic Solicitations for December, 2008

    Archie: Comics Continuum Bluewater: Comics Continuum Dark Horse: Comic Book Resources Comics Continuum CNI DC: Comic Book Resources Comics Continuum DC Direct at Continuum IGN Newsarama IDW: Comics Continuum Image: Comic Book Resources --Top Cow/Shadowline Comic Book Resources...
  5. Ice

    Marvel: Your Universe Thread

    If there's a DC thread on anything DC, there should be one for Marvel, too. So if you have an article that doesn't "fit" in any thread, post here. Here first is Mark Waid on buying Spider-Man.
  6. ProjectX2

    Geoff Johns at Marvel?

    No, he's not writing for Marvel... yet. From the latest LiTG: I understand that Marvel have been playing wargames on how to persuade Geoff Johns to jump ship at the end of his contract (over a year away) and what to do with him when they get him, so expect to see DC Comics fight back...
  7. Gemini

    Hulk Vs. animated film discussion (potential spoilers)

    Well the 6th Marvel Animated Studios movie from Lionsgate is going to be titled Hulk Vs., it features a 45 minute story of Hulk Vs. Thor where the Hulk goes up against Thor and a number of Marvel's other Norse characters, the second 33 minute story is Hulk Vs. Wolverine, and is supposedly taken...
  8. Ice

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 News

    I could've sworn Mole or Mole...I mean or Gemini made a thread about the sequel. Either way, Newsarama reports this: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Civil War? Zombies for Spidey?
  9. Hellsbuttmonkey

    The Incredible Hulk Discussion Thread--SPOILERS!!

    We haven't got one yet so I thought one was needed. Awesome. Not as awesome as Iron Man, but still awesome. The Good The Hulk vs Abomination fight. Really good fight scene, especially as it was two CG monsters fighting it looked really good. Banner in general General Ross THE...
  10. Ice

    Marvel's movies vs DC's.

    CBR: The Hollywood Reporter has an article about how Marvel's going to beat DC to the punch on getting their big team-up film in theaters. Thoughts?
  11. SSJmole

    Marvel Super Hero Squad Game - Press realse This could be fun. Super Hero Squad figures are pretty funny and even if this is aimed at kids it could be as fun as Lego Star wars if they do it right.
  12. Ice

    The Marvel Movie Reporting Thread.

    I looked in every page- couldn't find the thread we had for general marvel movie talk we had. Anyways, Newsarama reports Marvel 'announcing' [officially] an Iron Man sequel (April 30, 2010), Captain America (May 6, 2011), Thor (June 4, 2010) and an Avengers (July 2011) movies. They also report...
  13. Ice

    X-Men: First Class Movie

    And not, "A movie based on a comic that only has one issue out?!?!". They just happen to share the same name (or possibly share...I dunno). CBR reports: YOUNG X-MEN Screenwriter Zak Penn was interviewed by Comicmix and noted that he's got his eye on Westchester. "I'm ...
  14. E

    Rank these Marvel events...

    ...from best to worst: Secret Wars Secret Wars 2 Infinity Gauntlet Infinity War Infinity Crusade Earth X Secret War (Bendis) Annihilation House of M Civil War If you didn't read one, leave it out.
  15. Shihad

    The Marvel Omnibus thread

    Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Wow this would be wicked as.............. this one explains what it probally will collect.
  16. compound

    Victorian Marvel stories?

    Have there been any alternate reality/non-continuity/What If? stories that take place during the Victorian era/Industrial Revolution period? If so, could you provide me with some titles/issue numbers? (Marvel only please.)
  17. Ice

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine discussion (Spoilers!)

    Thanks to the tip by The Apostle, has mentioned that Wolverine is getting his own spinoff. Some of us may have heard of this, but now it's confirmed. There is now a writer for the movie. More info at:http: