Dreamcasting Vol.2 --- Round #1: Superman

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Victor Von Doom

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The Rules:

1) The winner of this round becomes the moderator of the next round, and thus gets to choose the property to be adapted. The moderator may also declare whether this property is an animated or live-action one. Moderator must also name the core characters to be cast, which should be at least 5, but no more than 10.

2) You may not use actors who have played the role before in the same medium before. Voice talents may not reprise their role, nor can film ones.

3) After ten days, the round is declared closed. All entries at that point are no valid and eligible for your vote (to be sent to round moderator). Voting will last for up to, but no more, than 3 days. At the end of the 3rd day, voting is closed and the winner will be announced and become the moderator for the next round. You CANNOT vote for yourself.

Your mission...should you choose to accept it....is to cast:

  • Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman
  • Lois Lane
  • Perry White
  • Jimmy Olsen
  • Lex Luthor

You may add other characters to your cast, as this is not a story specific Superman round. You can base your cast on an existing Superman story if you'd like (please let us know what story your referencing ex. -- Red Son, Birthright, Up Up and Away, Secret Identity, Man of Tomorrow, etc.) or it can be an original film reboot.

Gentlemen......the game is afoot!
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I've got my cast done, Just waiting for your thoughts (pm'd you for opinion) and Working out the plot.
Here is my entry :

Superman : Genesis.

Plot : The plot for this will be loosely based on Superman Birthright however I feel the stuff like the invasion plan at the end wouldn't work on film so I've opted for more a Daredevil movie like ending.

Ending : See the ending will be Lex Vs Superman with Lex wearing a Kryptonite ring. So the final fight will not show a big full out battle. There is however done on purpose. At the end of the movie I want Superman in his fortress talking to Jor-El. With Jor-El saying right at the end something like "Now son your journey has just begin. You must must prepare for soon Doomsday is coming….." credits.

Why? I think Birthright with some elements removed would be a great story and be like Batman Begins in terms of Starting new and filling in blanks on his origin. The end much like begins did with the joker teases at Doomsday been next so in a sequel the action can be turned up while not detracting from the current movie.

Also Lex would be in jail as I think Lex is needed for the first film plus the back story elements from Birthright would still be their but with him going to jail for later uses.

Tone : The tone for this movie will be a serious one but with enough light heartedness for it to work. Think Transformers or The Mummy films.

Movie genre : Action / Adventure. With more focus on the adventure. The reason is superman is not supposed to be the hero you relate with like Spider-man or the bad *** in the dark like batman. He is the hero you WANT to be, He is The all powerful god like character with a good ideals. That is what his movie needs to reflect.

Soundtrack : John Williams Not casting so allowed to have him do music again. I think his Superman theme needs to be present but also the movie needs a dramatic score like the star wars movies had for it to feel more epic and fantasy while keeping it real.

Director : Jon Favreau This was because of how he directed Iron Man. It was a great blend of action with adventure, serious with comedy that I feel a Superman movie needs.

Cast :

Clark kent / Superman – : Adam Garcia. It was very hard trying to cast the man of steel as he pretty much has 3 sides to him. Farm boy, Bumbling Reporter and Superman. Most can pull off one of the roles but not all 3. I didn't want to cast another Christopher Reeve as the film would need it's own.

So for superman I looked at different series and comics that I personally liked and tried to fues that in to a whole. The Superman of Christopher Reeve, The charm of dean cain's Clark, The adventuring/self discovering version of Superman in Birthright. And it lead me to Adam Garcia.

Not Sure how many people have seen him in anything like Coyote Ugly but he's not too known which is important I feel but also he totally captures everything I was looking for. He also IMO has the square jawed, good looking look to him which is an added bonus to Superman.

Lois Lane – holly marie combs – Lois Lane fell into place after I cast Superman. I wanted an actress of similar age. However I also wanted an actress who was attractive but also could play the head strong, independent woman that is Lois. The actress also needed to good as she needs to treat clark completely different to Superman.

Perry White – Martin Sheen – When it came to Perry I wanted a fusion of comic book tough Perry with Lois & clark's Mentoring perry. I needed a great actor for that and I chose Martin Sheen as I see the Hybrid of the two been very similar to him in the west wing. Plus Like Superman the movie and Batman begins I thought having a big name would help to show it was a serious film, as well as promote it.

Jimmy – Dustin Milligan – This was again thanks to Superman pick. I needed a younger actor who could act like a younger brother to Clark in a way while also been the innocent Jimmy we all know. For that reason I chose Dustin Milligan and I think he looks like he would blend in with cast I'm going for.

Lex Luthor – Billy Zane – We've seen evil tycoon lex in previous movies. However I wanted a different lex. I wanted an arrogant jackass Lex who the people watching would either love or hate. Billy Zane is just what I was looking for. Part evil ruthless business part arrogant smallville style Lex.

Jor-El (voice Patrick Stewart) Adam Garcia – Every time I see Jor-El he looks like Clark. So I was thinking of having him been visually seen as Adam Garcia however He needed a powerful voice while talking to clark so Patrick Stewart's voice is what I needed.

Jonathan and Martha Kent - Burt Reynolds and Margot Kidder. First I'll start with Burt and my reason for him. This is an origin movie and at the start Clark needs a strong role model to grow up with. I picked Burt Reynolds as he has that southern attitude and I honestly think he would make great Jonathan plus he is a strong actor in terms of been there as a Mentor for Clark.

Margot Kidder I put in there as a nice heads up to the original film but with out it been the same movie.

Superman: The Last Son of Krypton

The Premise: Taking place in the first year of Superman's career, Last Son will give a telling of how Superman first comes to Metropolis and how he becomes the Man of Steel. It will be told in three parts, the first of which details Krypton's destruction and then Clark's youth. The second part will be him coming to Metropolis and meeting the staff of the Daily Planet and coming into conflict with Lex Luthor. The final part will be John Corbin's turning into Metallo and his rampage through Metropolis, which Superman must face.

The Cast:
Clark Kent/ Kal-El/ Superman: Chris Klein

The main man of the whole feature, this Superman will be a very even mixing of his Clark and Superman persona's. I'd like to reference the All-Star portrayal of Superman with him constantly trying to help others while even in his bumbling Clark persona. The main focus of this story would not be Clark discovering his Kryptonian heritage (that would be saved for a sequel mostly), no this will be Clark looking to the future and becoming the hero that the world needs. I think that Chris Klein, who you all may know as Oz from American Pie would actually be a good fit for this role. He definitely has the All-American chiseled look that Superman embodies but has a sort of bumbling sensitive guy angle that Clark fills out so well. I think he would be a very adequate Man of Steel.

Lois Lane: Elizabeth Banks

Playing the leading lady in the film would be the very lovely Elizabeth Banks. This Lois is very similar to the one seen in All-Star, strong, assertive, caring and desperately in love with Superman and dismissive of Clark. Lois has to be someone that is as 'Super' a person as Clark and tougher when you get down to it. Elizabeth Banks is a great actress and needs to be put into the mainstream with a character so suited for her.

Lex Luthor: Josh Brolin

The Luthor in Last Son is a totally different one than what most people are used to. I like Grant Morrison's interpretation of him best as not the corporate businessman first but using that as a front to control the world economy and future. He's beloved by Metropolis before Superman comes along, being the scientific wunderkind people have dremnt of for years. His only motivation for hating Superman is that he is a greedy son of a ***** who craves the spotlight that Superman takes from him. His original hatred of Superman would be very similar to the motivation given to him in the Animated Series. Josh Brolin who always plays great villains would be a fantastic actor to bring the world's greatest villain to life. I like Brolin's portrayal in American Gangster to compare to this best. This Luthor has no real estate schemes, no goofy henchmen, and will snap your neck if you get in his way.

Perry White: Alan Arkin

Perry plays an important role in the film as he acts as Clark's mentor when he comes to Metropolis. I'd keep the role that he played in All-Star pretty close to this. Alan Arkin has that perfect personality to bring the tenacious Editor in Chief to life.

Jimmy Olsen: Justin Bartha

I'd like Jimmy to be a little older in this one. He's still young enough to be a little brother figure to Clark but not nearly as naive as his other portrayals. I'd want him to yet again be similar to his All-Star portrayal and be an assertive hip new age smart *** to be cool enough to actually be Superman's best pal. Though he's the same age as Klein I think Justin Bartha of National Treasure fills those qualities to a tee.

John Corbin/Metallo: Thomas Kretschmann

The big bad that Superman has to fight at the end John Corbin would be a mercenary for Luthor that Superman defeats early on. Taking an offer from Luthor to become his own personal Superman, Corbin becomes an imposing indestructible cyborg with a heart of Kryptonite. He'll be the physical force that Superman needs to take down. Kretschmann of King Kong and Wanted plays Rogues pretty well, and I think he can give the heartless bastard Corbin a real image.

Jor El: Russel Crow
Jor El is not as prominent in the first film as he is in the future installments, but he would be brought up in the first (along with Zod and Brainiac) to set up his role in a future film. Jor El would be a man very heroic very scholarly and very much like his son. I feel that Russel Crow would be a great person to fill the shoes Marlon Brando left.

Dru Zod: Jeremy Irons
Only appearing leading the forces of Krypton against the invader Brainiac in the films begining, Zod would be the antithesis of Jor El. Rash, cunning and treacherous, Zod is the Earth's worst nightmare. I'd love him to show up in a sequel to invade Earth alongside dozens of Kryptonian convicts. A Shakespearean actor to match the might of Terrance Stamp, Jeremy Irons can play villains like no other. And I think his Scar in the Lion King is very similar to this character.

Vril Dox/ Brainiac: Hugo Weaving
The final piece of Clark's Kryptonian past, Brainiac represents the one thing that even Zod and Jor El feared. Brainiac was the destruction of Krypton, and now he is trying his hand at the destruction of Earth. Being the ultimate foe Superman will have to face, Brainiac would probably work best in a sequel to the first film, maybe even a threat that Superman inlists the aid of Zod to help defeat. Look at Hugo Weaving and tell me that the man who played Agent Smith and Megatron isn't the human match for Vril Dox.

And so you would have a film that explores Clark Kent becoming Superman and then a sequel that has him facing his father's greatest villains.
Bluebeast, your cast is excellent. Excellent. If they greenlit a Superman movie series with that exact cast now I don't think I'd have a single complaint, and I can't think of the last time I said that about a franchise-launcher film's casting reveal. Batman Begins? Five years. Well done.
I actually have 2 casts.

One set for an actual film that I'd make.....and another one to fit the confines of the Dreamcasting rules.

I'm trying now to make a "best of". Certain actors work best in certain stories. I wouldn't use the same Lois in a Birthright cast as I would in an All-Star cast.
Bluebeast, your cast is excellent. Excellent. If they greenlit a Superman movie series with that exact cast now I don't think I'd have a single complaint, and I can't think of the last time I said that about a franchise-launcher film's casting reveal. Batman Begins? Five years. Well done.

Why thank you Planet Man. I actually had aprehensions because of how hard all these characters are to cast.
I don't know whether to do a live action cast for a reboot/revamp... or a Disney/Pixar animated movie with 3D elements!

Plot:To come at a later date...

Clark Kent/Superman: Eion Bailey

Lois Lane: Cobie Smulders

Perry White: Dennis Hopper

Jimmy Olson: Jorma Taccone

Lex Luthor: Colm Feore

more cast to come...
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Jor-E: Jon Hamm

Lara: Jennifer Connelly

Mercy: Stacy Keibler

John Corben: Sean Bean

Jonathon Kent: William Hurt

Martha Kent: Connie Britton

Zod: Rufus Sewell

Sadly I have too much to do tonight, so I will provide explanations for my choices later this week.
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Superman - Scott Porter


I really like this guy and rumor of him as The Flash in Justice League was probably the only good thing that came out of that project. He doesn't exactly look like the classic image of Superman, but he has an almost George Reevesish quality about him that I can really see working. As a bonus aspect, he's a actually decent actor who just happened to star in Prom Night.

Lois Lane - Rashida Jones


It's important for the next Lois Lane to actually look old enough to be a award-winning reporter. Bosworth was okay and think more of the problem lay in the way Lois was written, but ultimately she was just too young to be believable. Jones can add a sense of maturity to Lois and more importantly she can be spunky without being annoying. She's almost like a talented, attractive and half black version of Margot Kidder.

Lex Luthor - Paul Bettany


Who ever plays Lex needs to be full of charisma and more than just a little crazy. Basically the All Star version. Bettany needs to play a comic book villain at some point and would be perfect for Morrison's Luthor.

Perry White - Ed Harris


I think there was a thought process in Superman Returns not to make Perry appear too much like J. Jonah Jameson, but in doing so they toned down his character so much that he was barely recognizable. To key to Perry is to make him as tough as you want but still maintain a good natured air about him. Ed Harris is one of my favorite actors and I'm sure he could pull this off.

Jimmy Olsen - Michael Cera


Do I even need to explain this? The only drawback might be that he's too perfect.

Genreal Zod - Daniel Day Lewis


I love Terrence Stamp's Zod, but he's been turned into such a joke over the years I can no longer take the character seriously. If he ever shows up again he'll need some with true presence not to make Zod look like a parody of Stamp's performance. Who better for this challenge than Daniel Day Lewis?

John Corben - Neal McDonough


McDonough is just one creepy dude. He has this sort of Robert Patrick/T-1000 vibe to him. No other reasoning.

Brainiac - Ken Watanabe


Geoff John's recent Brainiac arc has been the best take on the character in years and for a film I'd like to see a very unnerving, but original villain. Wantanabe is an excellent actor who can portray the intelligence and ruthlessness of Brainiac while avoiding the cliche of the typical British villain.

My Superman film would be very loosely based on Grant Morrison's All-Star take. Meaning, it would take some major plot elements - Superman dying from solar radiation, Luthor sitting on death row, and Cadmus creating a replacement Superman at the very end (backwards "S" on the door to resemble a "2") - but take out the details and side stories (like Super-Lois, Samson and Atlas, Doomsday Jimmy, time-traveling Supermen, Pa Kent's heart attack, Bizarro World, evil Kryptonian survivors, Kandor, and Earth Q). It's not that I don't like the side stories, it's just that it would be difficult to include all that stuff. Instead, there would be a somewhat different story that would help lead up to the "2perman" ending. Definitely keep the Lois-learning-Superman's-identity and the Clark-and-Lex-in-prison stuff though. Brainiac would be in the movie. This wouldn't be an origin story, because as you can see, most of the actors are a little old. I would have chosen Michael Trucco as Superman if this were an origin story.

Clark Kent/Superman - James Caviezel

Lois Lane - Mary-Louise Parker

Lex Luthor - Ed Harris

Jimmy Olsen - Anton Yelchin

Perry White - Christopher Plummer

Brainiac - Malcolm McDowell

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I had James Caviezel as Superman and Selma Blair as Lois Lane. I was also going to manipulate you into all accepting Clancy Brown as Lex Luthor even though he's technically not allowed. But Clancy Brown is awesome and it would have been accepted.

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