Do you read Loeb's Hulk?

Do you read Loeb's Hulk?

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Execellent, this is like a litmus test to see which one of you is a moron who support this crap
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Execellent, this is like a litmus test to see which one of you is a moron who support this crap


This was my 20,000th post. Underwhelming. Because of this disappointment, I will refrain from posting for about an hour.
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No. Not a chance. I hate the way Loeb writes Hulk! He writes Hulk like a horny 13 year old.

Also, did anyone else notice that Loeb was kind of the guy sitting off to the side that nobody cared about on all the panels at SDCC? I wasn't there personally but all the video clips and blogs I've seen it almost looks like he's a pariah. Reap what you sow, Jeph, and nobody likes what you're doing.
We'll never get an accurate answer to this - who would admit it??

I once read that the US government wanted to know what percentage of US soldiers did drugs while serving in Viet Nam. (but they knew they wouldn't get an accurate answer from a poll).

So - They put three questions in a box:
a) is 1+1 = 2?
b) is 1+1 = 3?
c) Did you do drugs while serving in Viet Nam?

Soldiers were shown the 3 questions, drew one out randomly, and could answer honestly, since the 'questioner' had no way of knowing what they drew.

The questioners figured 1/3 of the, say, 3000 soldiers asked picked a) and answered 'yes', and 1/3 of the soldiers picked b) and answered 'no'.

They then removed 1000 yes answers, and 1000 no answers. What they were left with was a (fairly) accurate poll of 1000 soldiers answering the question they were actually interested in.

Whew - long story. Essentially, that's the kind of exercise you'd have to do - because I'd rather tell the US gov't I smoked up in 'Nam than admit to you guys I'd read Loeb's hulk!
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TOG is technically the worst person on this website at the moment until Venom Melendez or whoever admits they buy it.
"Do I" as in, do I keep up on it and read new issues? No way.

"Have I"? Yes. I read the first 3 or so, I believe. I wouldn't hate it without knowing what I'm hating. They were some of the worst comics I've ever read.

I did not buy them.
I read the first arc of my own free will. This series is what ultimately caused me to lose faith in Loeb.

I confess, I pick up random issues on the stand and flip through them sometimes out of morbid curiousity.

I'll probably pick up World War Hulks just to see how much better it gets with Pak at his side.
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