DreamMOVIE #7-The Moon and Serpent Grand Egyption Movie Theater of Marvels


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Feb 23, 2005
The Moon and Serpent Grand Egyption Movie Theater of Marvels


The Magical Rites (Or "rules", for you mortals)
1) The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the round, and thus gets to choose the property or story in question to be adapted. Winner may also declare whether this property is an animated film, or a live-action one.

2) Participants may use actors who have played the role before in the same medium before, but most create a brand new plot with a couple of new characters and their purpose in the story.

3) After the time period set by the moderator, the round is declared closed. People will vote via PM and send it to the moderator, who will count the votes and declare winner. Like the Ultimatization Game, you CANNOT vote for yourself.

4) The winner declared gets to choose the property in the next round.

Your Task: Cast and pitch a film based on any of the distinguished Alan Moore's works. You may choose a property that has never been adapted before, or re-do one that has already been made. (LoEG the right way, anyone?)

If you need help deciding, please, refresh yo'self.

Good luck, and may Glycon be with you!
Question, Even if it was not realsed can we do one based on Alan Moore's Twilight of the Superheroes? I really want to try and do that and since it has not bee realsed there is more creative leeway.
This is just fantastic. I was condiering to do Wathmen but we've done that before so it's too easy. I think I'm going to do the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Campion Bond recruits Mina Murray to assemble the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Murray travels to Lincoln Island near New Zealand to find Captain Nemo, and discovers an old, washed up, drug-addicted Allan Quatermain in an opium den in Cairo, Egypt. Murray and Quatermain are pursued by a group of crazy Arabs to the docks. Quatermain kills two of the Arabs, and Nemo emerges from the Nautilus with a harpoon gun, shooting the rest of the Arabs and rescuing Murray and Quatermain.

Bond instructs the trio to head to Paris in order to rendezvous with C. Auguste Dupin in London and capture the insane whore-killing criminal Edward Hyde, the alter ego of Dr. Henry Jekyll. They do so, and deliver Jekyll/Hyde to MI5. Their next assignment is to head to a girl's school in Edmonton, run by the sado-masochistic Miss Rosa Coote. Rumors abound that many of the female pupils have become impregnated by the Holy Spirit. After a single night's investigation, the trio discover that the "Holy Spirit" is none other than Hawley Griffin, the Invisible Man, who has been in hiding since faking his own death. Griffin is detained by the three members of the League.

The League is then convened at its headquarters in the secret annexe of the British Museum, where they are sent to recover a sample of cavorite from the clutches of the Devil Doctor. According to Bond, under the supervision of Professor Selwyn Cavor, Britain was secretly planning a moon landing to coincide with the turn-of-the-century celebrations. Cavorite is the key to powering and levitating heavier-than-air machines. However, the Doctor has stolen the cavorite and seeks to use it in his own efforts to gain revenge on the British Empire.

Whilst Nemo decides to remain on board his submarine, the remaining quartet - Murray, Quatermain, Jekyll/Hyde, and Griffin - are dispatched to London's Limehouse district in order to discover more about the Devil Doctor. Murray and Griffin learn from an informant named Quong Lee that the Doctor is indeed operating within the area and is planning something big. Murray believes that the Doctor's activities are likely to be taking place beneath Rotherhithe Bridge.

Meanwhile, Quatermain and Jekyll enter the Doctor's lair, and Quatermain spots him applying caustic paint to one of the victims. Back on board the Nautilus, the League convenes oncemore and Murray organizes the evidence. She believes that the Doctor has stolen the cavorite for some nefarious purpose, and states that there is an uncompleted tunnel beneath Rotherhithe Bridge, which would be a perfect place for him to craft some sort of aerial war machine undiscovered. Four of the group plan to infiltrate his lair and retrieve the cavorite, with Nemo remaining on board the Nautilus.

Quatermain and Murray manage to infiltrate the lair, discovering a gigantic flying craft that is heavily armed with guns and cannons. Although the two are discovered by a guard, Griffin is able to kill him and Quatermain takes his uniform as a disguise. Griffin heads outside to fetch Jekyll in hopes of creating a diversion. Once inside one of the entrances, Griffin infuriates Jekyll to such a degree that he becomes Hyde and begins slaughtering the Doctor's henchmen.

Having stolen the cavorite, Murray and Quatermain are reunited with their friends in an underwater glass tunnel. Locked in, they realize that it will only be a matter of time before the Doctor's men burst in and kill them. Hyde breaks through the glass tunnel and carries his teammates out, with Murray activating the cavorite, the Doctor's base filling with water, and the Doctor's machine being destroyed.

Bond congratulates the group on their success, leaving with the cavorite and telling them that he will return it to his superior, M. However, Griffin is oddly absent from the group, having disguised a load of brooms as himself, using his own bandages and clothing. He follows Bond back to the Military Intelligence HQ and discovers that M is in fact Professor James Moriarty, arch-nemesis of Sherlock Holmes.

Moriarty has constructed his own aerial war machine, and with the cavorite he can now put it into action. Griffin returns to the Nautilus and informs the group of his discovery. Nemo realizes that Moriarty plans to bomb London's east end, destroying what is left of the Doctor's criminal empire.

Murray and Quatermain try futilely to prevent Moriarty from launching his ship. They have a run-in with the Artful Dodger, a hot-air balloon on Nemo's ship, and subsequently board Moriarty's ship. Hyde and Nemo attack the crew, whilst Murray and Quatermain ascend to the top deck where Moriarty is waiting. Quatermain guns down Moriarty's guards; however, Moriarty disarms him and prepares to kill him. Murray smashes the case containing the cavorite and Moriarty rushes toward the device, grabs onto it, and is propelled into the night sky. The League leave the ship via the balloon, and are once again rescued by the Nautilus, this time manned by Nemo's first mate Ishmael.

In the end, Mycroft Holmes congratulates the League for their work, telling them to remain in London should there be additional need for them in the future. In the background, a fleet of Martian ships fall toward Woking, setting in motion the events of the sequel.

Campion Bond - Alfred Molina
I was considering having John Rhys-Davies or Robbie Coltrane in the role. However, I think Alfred Molina looks the most like Campion Bond.

Wilhelmina "Mina" Murray - Winona Ryder

Allan Quatermain - Malcolm McDowell

Captain Nemo - Omar Sharif

Hawley Griffin - Kenneth Branagh

Dr. Henry Jekyll - Richard E. Grant


James Moriarty/M - Gabriel Byrne

The Devil Doctor - Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Mycroft Holmes - Jim Broadbent

Auguste Dupin - John Hurt



Sherlock Holmes - Ralph Fiennes
Sherly appears in the flashback sequence that shows him and Moriarty in their final battle, which shows Sherly's and Moriarty's fates.
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Hm. This should proove interesting on my decision on what to do now. While I have an awesometacular LoEG cast, I could also pull out Watchmen or Miracleman. You've made me make a choice Langsta.
Hm. This should proove interesting on my decision on what to do now. While I have an awesometacular LoEG cast, I could also pull out Watchmen or Miracleman. You've made me make a choice Langsta.

....Does that mean my cast is good?
Question, Even if it was not realsed can we do one based on Alan Moore's Twilight of the Superheroes? I really want to try and do that and since it has not bee realsed there is more creative leeway.

Well since no one objected I'm going forward with is. Got some of the story done based on anything I could find of Twilight of the Superheroes. Not done casting or anything yet but I think it'll be pretty cool. It wont win but will be cool at least.
Have some confidence. You've won more Dreamcastings than I have.

Yes I have but I wont win this guaranteed. Winner of this based on the context of the round I would say either Doom or Random since they like a lot of his work and are good at these.
Is "The Killing Joke" fair game for this round? I've never been a huge Alan Moore fan (shock! horror!) but I loved The Killing Joke. It's one of the best Batman stories not written by Frank Miller.

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