Essential X-Men (Vol. 2)


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Jul 24, 2004
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Ladies and gentlemen, we now enter into the 2nd volume of The Essential X-Men! We soon will be seeing more familiar faces, and maybe even some new ones! :wink:

But for now, we can all wait with the solit for the next arc!


Essential X-Men #22

Written and cover put together by: icemastertron

Family Reunion: Part 1 of 4
The X-Men take at ease for the first time in a long time. But what fun actually last? Who's coming to crash their party? One word: UNSTOPPABLE! And he's not alone!
Juggernaut! Juggernaut! Juggernaut!
And now, we officially begin VOLUME 2! So read, enjoy, and post all thoughts!




Bobby yelled out, standing very high above the ground, on the tallest divingboard. He jumped from the platform, and started to fall towards the ground. Bobby fell into a pool, and the water splashed everywhere.

"Bobby Drake!" Yelled a soaked Jean.

"That's my name. Don't wear it out," Bobby said, swimming around.

Everyone was outside enjoying themselves in the hot summer day. Everyone, exceptHank, that is. Hank was in his room, sulking about. He felt depressed not beingable to do much in the last clash with the Brotherhood. So he just stayed in hisroom, reading books on Albert Einstein. Hank walked to the window, and looked ateveryone in the backyard, enjoying themselves. Bobby looked up, and noticed that Hank was looking outside.

"Hank! Come on, man! Don't be a fuss ball and stay in there," Bobby yelled out to him. Hank, with no reply, walked away from the window. But Bobby continued to yell, "Come oooon. You know you wanna. There's some juicy steaks up in here…". But not even that was enough to change Hank's mind. He laid back down on his bed, and opened his book again.

"Just leave him alone, Bobby. If he wants to come outside, he will," Scott told him. Scott sat across Professor Xavier, in his shorts and flip flops, and his striped green and black t-shirt, playing chess. This casual clothing was unusual for someone like Scott, who was always in at least denim jeans, rarely just wearing something like that.

"Queen's Bishop to your King. Checkmate," He said, smiling to Xavier.

"Well done, my boy. So that makes it five games a piece. Best out of eleven, perhaps?" Professor Xavier asked, as he set the chess pieces back on the board.

"The game's gonna have to hold. Food's ready," Jean told Xavier and Scott. She then turned around and said to Bobby, "Bobby! Go tell Logan and Peter that the food's ready. Oh! And would you let Ororo know, too? Thanks."

Bobby jumped from the pool on to the grass. He walked across the field, to the baseball field, where Logan was teaching Peter about baseball.

"So you see ruskie, if the ball is dropped, then it don't count as an out. You got all that?" Logan asked, smoking a cigar as well as teaching.

"Yes, *cough* *cough, I got it. But please, Logan, would you stop with the
smoking. It hurts me, you know," Peter asked, kindly, waving his hand to try and clear the smoke away from his face.

"Logan! Peter!" Bobby called out to him, heading towards them on his ice slide. Bobby, still soaked, stopped right in front of the two guys.

"What do you want, snowball?" Asked Logan.

"Jean wants ya to know that the food's ready, and she wants ya to come and eat now," Bobby parotted him.

"We will head out there now. I think this is good for today, Logan. Thank you," Peter said, and threw the baseball back at Logan. "Well, can't be goin' there with this. I think this time I want my hair as it is, and not in pigtails," Logan than took out the cigar and crushed it under his foot.

"You're not just goin' to leave it there, are ya?" Bobby asked, staring at Logan. Logan stared back, grunted, and picked up the cigar.

"Whiney babies," He muttered to himself.

Bobby soon hurried back, and sat down at the table with food in hand. As he was about to take a bite out of the take, Jean interrupted him.

"Um, aren't you forgetting someone?" She asked him.

"Nnnoooo…Don't think so." He answered her, grunting, but still didn't get to, as Jean had used her telekinesis, and prevented Bobby from eating.

"GET ORORO! NOW!" Jean yelled at Bobby.

"Alright, alright…damn. You think you could ask politely," Bobby said, putting his steak down, and then getting up to remind Ororo about the food. He made hisway to the top of the school with his ice slide, where Ororo was rooming in the attic. Bobby stopped at the opened window.

"Ororo? Helloooo? Anyone home up in here?" He kept asking. Still not getting an answer, Bobby went into the attic. He walked around, still calling out Ororo.

"Ororooooooo. You in here or what?"

He then went into the next room, where Ororo laid on her stomach, with nothing but some shorts on, sleeping. When she sensed someone in the same room, Ororo looked up, and noticed Bobby.

"No wait! It was an-" Bobby tried to plead at Ororo.

She quickly covered herself, and pushed Bobby outside with using wind, when she said, "Disturbance is what I did not want. Good-bye!"

Bobby landed outside, landing in the pool, hitting it hard with his back.

"-accident," Bobby finished what he was going to say to Ororo.

Jean looked at Bobby, and just shook her head at him.

"Um…I think she'll be out in a minute." Bobby told Jean.

A couple of minutes later, Ororo came outside, wearing a white blouse and the same shorts she had on in her room. She walked out, with her white hair slimming down her back. She walked up to the table, and sat down where her food was already prepared for her.

"I trust everything is going well, Miss Ororo?" Xavier asked her.

Ororo replied, "Yes, I thank you for your hospitality. It has been a great
couple of days here, actually enjoying some rest and relaxation. Though I cannot say that I do not miss leading my village."

"That is quite understandable," Xavier said to her, drinking his water.

"We are very cut off, in my village, so I had not heard of these
"mutants"," Ororo explained.

"Of course," Xavier agreed.

As everyone chewed down on their food, Jean broke the silence when she asked Ororo, "So has it been hard controling your power at first?"

"My power, the power of Mother Nature herself, is one that I do not take lightly. So it was not easy. At my command, I can change the weather at an instant, and that was not easy to deal with at first," Ororo answered back.

"So whenever it rains, you can stop it." Bobby butted in. "That'd be great! Cuz there was this one time, were me and some friends of mine were skatboardin', but then the rain started to pour down-"

"Bobby." Jean called him, trying to stop him from talking any further.

"-and I was like, this is nothin', let's just keep goin'-" Bobby still

"Bobby." Jean called him again.

"-but they were like, no way man, we're getting out butts home. So then they
just took the next bus home and-"


"Man, what? I'm tryin' to tell a story here!"

"Bobby why don't you go check on Hank?" Jean asked.

"Why? Scott said to just leave him alone." Bobby asked Jean.

"I said, why don't you go check on Hank?"

"Fine, whatever." Bobby got up and went inside.

Everyone else went back to eating, and talking about whatever came to their minds. Meanwhile, Bobby went up to the dormitories, and went to check on Hank. He knocked on his room door, and opened it. He walked in, to find Hank mixing some chemicals together.

"Hank, what are you doin'?" Bobby asked, feeling worried for him.

"Nothing to keep you fretful, my dear Robert. I am merely just testing some theories of mine out," Hank mentioned.

"Um…ok. Like what?"

"Are you really interested in my tests?"

"No, but I'm just keepin' ya company."

"Well, since you asked, I-"


Hank was interrupted from explaining what he was doing, when the phone had rung. Bobby got up, and ran to pick up the phone. Once he did, he kept talking to the other person on the line. He did so for about ten minutes, when then he hung up and hurried to his room. Hank, curious of what went on, chased after him, to see what was making Bobby go so fast.

Hank asked him, "Bobby, who was on the phone?"

Bobby had quickly changed from his swimming trunks into some shorts, and finished getting dressed by the time that Hank was at his room. Tying his shoe laces, he answered Hank, "My mom had called. She says she's on her way to pick me up. We're gonna buy a gift for my cousin, Mary. It's her birthday next week."

"And the Professor knows about this?" Hank asked further.

"Yeah. I told him about it a couple of days ago. Just gonna let him know now."

"Oh, I see…" Hank sighed.

"Don't worry Hank, I'll be back in an hour or so. I shouldn't take long." Bobby
told him, trying to cheer him up.

"Well, you best hurry along now." Hank said, and than walked back to his room.

Bobby went outside, and saw that everyone was clearing their plates to make room for seconds. Scott looked back, and noticed that Bobby was prepared to leave somewhere.

"And where do you think you're going?" Scott asked Bobby with a serious face.

"I'm going out. Anyways, Professor, my mom just called. We're going to buy the gift today, like I told you before. We should only take an hour."

"Yes, that is right. Bobby, you best behave yourself. Do not anything that will
compromise you, your mother, or us."

"Yes, sir. I know."


"Well, she's here now. Later much!" And with that, Bobby was gone from the

"Well, now we can get some peace and quiet, even if it's for an hour." Jean said to the others, laughing. "Let me take these plates inside and was them." Jean grabbed the plates, and headed towards the kitchen. Once inside, Jean placed the plates in the sink, and turned on the water. Right in the middle of washing them, the phone rung again.


"Can anyone get that?" Jean asked while washing the dishes. Logan had already gone in to use the bathroom, and answered the phone.

"Yeah, yeah. I go it," Logan told Jean. He went to get the phone, but when she did, a woman was screaming.


"Lady, please! Quit with the yellin'! Hold on a second!" Logan told her, as he put the phone down, and went to the Professor.


Logan walked back outside, and then called the Professor. "Professor! There's a lady on the phone for you. Didn't catch her name. She kept screaming."

"Alright. I will take the call in my office. Scott, would you mind?" Xavier said. Scott than took Xavier to his office. Xavier picked up the phone, and softly asked, "Hello?"


"Moira? Moira what is wrong? Please calm down." Xavier tried to tell her. But Moira kept screaming.


"Moira, you need to stop yelling. Please, calm down and explain."


"Moira? Hello? Are you still there? Moira?" Asked Xavier, hearing mostly static now.

Suddenly, Xavier heard loud footsteps outside. As if they were mini earthquakes.




It was quiet again, before anything else happened. And then…


Something had crashed into the front of the house, making the entire structure shudder. When the dust cleared, the stunned Xavier saw a tall man, in tan brown armor, with a helmet that covered all of his face, save his eyes and mouth.

He than started to yell, "Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarely! Ohhhhhhhh Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarely! Come out and play! Can't you see your dear old step-brother is home for a visit!"

The phone dropped from Xavier's hand and hit the floor. "Cain! No! It can't be!" Xavier said to himself. He wheeled himself out to where Cain was there.

"Cain Marko!" Xavier said out loud.

NO!" the man roared. "The name's Juggernaut!"

Just then, Xavier looked at Juggernaut's shoulder to witness that there was someone sitting on it. A boy. Probably not older than 15 years old. But this boy was different. His face, his whole body appeared to be disfigured. As if his body was melting. His skin sagged down a bit, mostly on his face. Xavier's eyes widened in disbelief. He knew who the boy was, and was completely surprised to see him.

Although Xavier wasn't at the phone anymore, Moira kept yelling like a madwoman,not knowing Xavier wasn't there.


The boy jumped down from Juggernaut's shoulder, and stood still, looking back at Xavier. He than told him, "Hello step-father. I have returned."

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Interesting... I decided to stop by since it's been a while since I've been in the fan fic area.

Story seems good so far. Keep 'em coming!
:lol: I was actually thinking of writing something for this site again while I'm waiting for the other site to come together... I don't know, though.
Goodwill said:
:lol: I was actually thinking of writing something for this site again while I'm waiting for the other site to come together... I don't know, though.
Well, that's totally up to you, but it'd be great reading something from you again. I do miss your style of storytelling.
Veeeeeeeeeeery interesting......I thought Proteus was his son though,not step-son.

Few spelling errors,nothing much I can say. Seems like you've forgotten about Havok....
Johnny Bravo said:
Veeeeeeeeeeery interesting......I thought Proteus was his son though,not step-son.
Only in the Ultimate Universe. In 616, Proteus IS NOT Xavier's biological son.

Johnny Bravo said:
Seems like you've forgotten about Havok....
Or so you think. :wink:
In 616, Moira Mactaggert had a son with an old lover. He eventually broke free from Muir Island and called himself Proteus. His Firstname was Kevin.

Legion is Xaviers' son he had with another person. He went back in time, and if I am right, he caused the AoA. Legion eventually died (i think!)
roguefan said:
In 616, Moira Mactaggert had a son with an old lover. He eventually broke free from Muir Island and called himself Proteus. His Firstname was Kevin.

Legion is Xaviers' son he had with another person. He went back in time, and if I am right, he caused the AoA. Legion eventually died (i think!)
Rogue is correct.
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Legion was David Charles Haller,hence my confusion.His mom's name is Gabrielle Haller.And yeah,he caused the AoA.Big boo-boo that one.
icemastertron said:
Not his fault. The kids a skitzo (sp?). :p

Don't think he was a schizo, just a generic ****-up,yet his plan made sense.
Mags was always standing in the way of Xaviers dream,so ya go back in time and kill Mags then Charleys super-duper happyland comes into existence.But Chuck+Erik were friends then,so Chuck jumps in the way of the energy bolt thingy and saves Mags.

Ergo- Legion was never born,X-Men were never formed,never stopped Apocalypse,the world is ****ed.Smart move,IMO.
Johnny Bravo said:
Thats Proteus. Right?

I kept the way that was done in UXM, having Proteus being David.

But in reality, David is Legion. The REAL son of Xavier. Proteus is Kevin, the son of Joseph and Moira McTaggert.

Legion is a schizo, who has shown different personalities, but actually being different people as the diff. personalities. Each personality had a different power. Legion loves his father, and tried to protect him by killing the man that fights him, Magneto. But instead of killing the present Magneto, he went to the past to kill him. When he got to the past and was about to kill Mags, he didn't expect that Xavier would sacrifice his life to save Mags. This was the time before the X-Men vs Magneto and all that. And with Xavier dead, the AGE OF APOCALYPSE was born.
Yes, there were three different personalities... There was Cindi, David, and one other person kicking inside of Legion's head. It was really odd to write someone like that. I did a story with him in it a while ago...

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