Millar/Land preview of UFF coming soon...


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May 17, 2004
Millar posted this at Millarworld :

Thanks for that and look out for the big preview of Ultimate FF courtesy of me and Greg Land in the next couple of weeks. We're only releasing ONE PANEL of our first issue and, I swear, it's going to be causing flame wars from here to Oconomowoc.

I fear for this site... :(
Wow, thats actually a city, not one of those idiotic place names people make up. Spooky.

One panel...Well, I'm not sure thats not just a terrible Human Torch joke.
Reed meets himself, a bunch of people say 'haha, see, it's a 616 crossover", and loads of others say "nah, it's just some weird wasy of getting the team-up to work".

Sorry for ruining it.

Yeah, what I heard is that they are doing something with the N-Zone and the shuttle and Reed sees the FF in 616.
Well, the N-Zone is a dying universe that's easily traversed. I think that this being the doorway to alternative universes, it's entirely possible that 616 will meet the Ultimate Universe. Quesada has said he'd never let this happen, but you can't really be sure until the issue comes out. Personally, I don't want to see the panel.
I don't wanna see a 616 UU crossover, I'm very clear on that. Furthermore, the idea of up and down universe travel, is far more within the logic of the UU, than left right universe travel. To go to an alternative universe brings in tooooo many possibilities. ones that I personally do not want to see explored.
Guijllons said:
I don't wanna see a 616 UU crossover, I'm very clear on that.

I looks very plain to me that there will be no crossover, and they are having a lot of fun toying with people and reading the "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I DON'T WANT THEM TO CROSS OVER!!!" posts all over the web.
What's the bet it will be posted while I'm away? I betcha all the good news comes out while I'm in Oz...
Baxter said:
I bet you it's a panel of Ben and Johnny in an unwholesome position. I can see it now
Everybody knows that when it comes to "compromising positions" and UFF, my heart is always with Doom and Reed getting it on. :D
when are we supposed to see this supposedly controversial panel? He did saw a few weeks, and we're coming up on the two week mark in a few days, so I expect it to be soon (assuming this panel even exists and its not a joke). Maybe on Wednesday, or the week after. Or never. One of those.

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