Millar to do 4 3-issue arcs on Ultimate Fantastic Four: Namor, Alicia Masters, more

This is my idea of how to bring in Alicia. About Ben being depressed...

icemastertron said:
See, what I think is that that is a perfect way to bring in Alicia. Works well as a great way to bring her into UFF.

Now, Ben's mood hasn't been depressed as of the Doom arc. From the situations that has been going on, he wasn't esactly...."in the mood" for the lack of a better phrase.
You look triangle to me... I agree with Ice.
Ice has a good point. Ben doesn't want to be a rocky beast, but Johnny's comment about clobbering the monster have him thinking. If a blind girl comes in and convinces him that looks aren't important, and replaces his family in his life, we could have him coming full circle.

Nice. I like it.
XTFLyons said:
agreeing with Ice... does anyone else have any thoughts to my previous post on Grimm not being depressed enough...

I think that this new arc will see him actually caving on the issue of change. Johnny and Sue WANT to stay... They are willing to accept it. I think Ben will actually accept it, too, by the end of the arc. Johnny spoke volumes to him when he talked him out of becoming a football star in #13.
Goodwill said:
He's Marvel's first mutant, to answer your question.

Technically, no he wasn't.
icemastertron said:
Then who? Because he's only Marvel's first mutant, creation wise, no?

In real time, yes, he was the first mutant they invented. But he wasn't the first mutant in the Marvel U.
Im looking forward to Millars 12 issue run, im only a bit skeptical about 3 issue stories. Ultimate Namor is gonna be cool. I think maybe WW2 experiments would have created him or maybe, since all countries are making there super soldiers (eg. Captain America, Captain Britain, Captain Italy), Namor could be sorta a "Captain Atlantis".

I like that idea about Alicia making the thing happy to be like he is.
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