Millar to do 4 3-issue arcs on Ultimate Fantastic Four: Namor, Alicia Masters, more

Dark_Images said:
If she's the step-daughter to the Puppet Master, I doubt she'll have any ties to him in UFF. That doesn't necissarilly mean we won't see him...

I think the Puppet Master uses Alicia to get to the Fantastic Four. Im not sure though.
XTFLyons said:
before they introduce Alicia Masters I think they should delve deeper into Ben Grimm's depression of what he's become... right now even though I love the relationships in UFF it seems like he's just having the time of his life with Johnny Storm

Weren't you the one griping about Colossus being gay? Now you want Grimm & Johnny to be gay too?!

Kidding... :p
René said:
I think the Puppet Master uses Alicia to get to the Fantastic Four. Im not sure though.

Yes, he has done that. The thing is, is that since Alicia is a sculpter, she did a sculpture once of Thing (before she ever met him).
If anyone's going to be related to the WW2 arc it would be Namor, not Alicia. Even I know who Alicia is Goodwill! Going to order my ULT FF trades now...
But why would the puppert master be after the fantastic four, they aren't even out in the public yet!!!
Like fighting crimes, no one knows bout them really except for the Military?
The Puppet Master might not even come into it... I think Alicia falls in lvoe with Ben and brings her father/uncle to meet him where he learns that they have powers. He goes home and uses Alicia's sculpture and pours his radioactive waste over it. He then controls Thing and uses him to do his dirty work for him.
Wo! No one said that Puppet Master is after the FF!! We just mentioned that in 616 he went after them, mostly by using his step-daughter, Alicia.
That's what I was going to say, but then this idea popped into my mind. Lol.
yeah i understand that the puppert master went after the fantastic four went after them in the 616 version, i think the puppet master (if he gona be in this arc) could have been in the think tank, or even Alicia i guess?
Perhaps the Puppet Master was a student at the think-tank.
I don't think it's good to keep having people coming from the 'Think-Tank'. Who they have is pretty much good enough.
See, what I think is that that is a perfect way to bring in Alicia. Works well as a great way to bring her into UFF.

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