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Has anyone here played the Star Wars Clone Wars Republic Heroes game?
Has anyone here played the Star Wars Clone Wars Republic Heroes game?

Never mind. I downloaded the demo and my son and I played it. It's good.


SO i'm up and running on PSN. JAgamemnon is the name if anyone wants to add me. Got World at War and I'm contemplating whether to get Uncharted 2 or Borderlands. I'm trading in a bunch of games to try for both.
Dude, get borderlands. It rocks.

Yeah I think that's gonna be my next purchase. Me and my bro are trading in a few games so we're thinking of getting a second. It's between uncharted 2 and beatles rock band. I'm still in the air about rock band because none of myh wii DLC is transferable and I spent alot. I could sell it, but then I'm out a nice little 2gb sd card. It's hard to do because I'm a hoarder when it comes to wires and cards and adapters etc. Plus I have all my dlc games like link to the past, ocarina, super mario world, sonic 3, final fight and about 3 others.
I just found out yesterday there's an A Boy And His Blob remake for the Wii! How is this not being talked about?!
It was a very innovative game for NES where you control a boy who has this pet blob. You feed him different flavor jellybeans to turn him into different things to get past obstacles. For example, licorice turns him into a ladder, tangerine into a trampoline, etc.

Like I said, very innovative and unique. The controls sucked balls but overall the game was a lot of fun.

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