Ultimate Mystery Discussion (Return of Captain Marh Vehl)

Well, I think if Bendis pulls it off properly, Reed being the villain would be awesome :)

I'm not optimistic. Bendis does well with USM for the most part, but when he gets his hands on the other Ultimate characters its usually a disappointment (UXM #40--the one where Wolverine is forced to kill the teen mutant--is one exception). I'm not expecting much from this trilogy.
Marvel needs new editors. Jessica Drew goes undercover in Roxxon, under the pseudonym Julia Carpenter, but three pages later the guy interviewing her calls her Jessica.

(Pardon my Yiddish..Bendis is such a bupkis!)
#2: I don't really have a whole lot to say... Jessica posing as Dr Julia Carpenter to infiltrate Roxxon is pretty cool (besides the slip when the guy calls her Jessica). The rest of the issue was okay. Mystery is definitely better than Enemy so far, but that's not saying much.
Yeah Essex and Misty Knight kinda confused me. But Jean Grey did alter reality so maybe Essex is part of the trust brain now.

As for Misty.... why is a PI part of Roxxon?
yeah, i checked since i posted that and she certainly was. Sorry, my prejudiced white memory gets the best of me sometimes.

It's OK; it's because there are no black people in Canada. Only Eskimos.

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