V for Vendetta movie discussion

"So what we're up against is someone who isn't normal people... either physicall or mentally. It's the "mentally" but that bothers me."

"Hmm... I'll need some photographs of this chest wound. It wasn't a knife or bullet that did this... in fact, I've got a nasty suspicion that whoever did that did it with their fingers."

I don't necessarily think that this proves that V has powers... sure, he may be stronger than the average man, but I don't think that makes him a superhero. With enough force, I could give someone a chest wound with my fingers too.
Yes. Okay, thank god.

Because the way it was being described, I was definitely like... o_O Moore wouldnt do that.
I think Batman Begins was much better...

The movie still doesn't sit well with me, because it takes from the source and comes out with a completely different message that ignores the much more powerful message of the book.

It's still a good movie, and the casting was perfect... But I can't watch and enjoy it. I've seen it five times since it came out on DVD, and each time afterwards I have to explain to everybody why the original is just soooo much better than the film adaptation.

I just think that if the Wachowskis wanted to make a story about Left-Wing Democracy versus Right Wing Conservatism, they should have done something original, rather than take one of the best works of Comic Fiction in the 20th Century and change the message to suit them.

But still, its a good movie, but I think if they wanted to adapt it, they should have stuck with the original ending, with the single embodiment of Anarchy, rather than everyone wearing V Masks as if it represents the will of the people, which is not what Guy Fawkes masks mean at all. Speaking o f which, they should have also played down the Guy Fawkes thing. Guy Fawkes was a terrorist who wanted to kill the queen to get England back under the power of the Pope. V in the comic used the mask as a means of fear to intimidate the power... It was a symbol of anarchy, not a tribute to the actual Guy Fawkes (who's only mentioned once or twice in the Graphic Novel). And it makes the film pretty ****ing rediculous, because V is intelligent, he would know that, like he knew that in the comic...

I also love the biggest departure from the original to the movie.

Original - "Despite all our testing and experiments, the man in room five is still human"
Movie - "Because of all our testing and experiments, the man in room five is now superhuman"

That's a guess at the actual line, because my copy of V is at home, and I don't care enough about the movie to own it. Its actually much more amusing... They only change one or two words in the sentence recounting V's time in the concentration camp, turning V into some sort of superhero... No. He's a Human. That's what makes what he does remarkable, because he could be any one of us. He's skilled, he doesn't have ****ing superspeed or ****ing superstrength. He is just like us...

One or Two words, completely changing V's character into something rediculous, and totally breaking my suspension of disbelief. The original was dystopian, sure, but it made sense because it all COULD happen. No medical testing at a concentration camp is going to give anybody superpowers.

Now I'm ranting, but that's what bothers me about this movie... It changes so much for no reason... Changes relationships utterly...like making Stephen Fry's character Gay, rather than Evee's love interest, so that they could pull off some sort of relationship between V and Evee... Even though one of the most compelling parts of the book are those few moments where you wonder whether he's her father... But in the end it doesn't matter, he's supposed to be a father figure to her. A Mentor, not a Lover. Then at the end she becomes him. She becomes V. She doesn't ****ing lead a revolution, V is supposed to wake everybody up, not take everybody by the neck and show them the future SHE wants/HE wanted. Grah

I need to stop myself, because its a good movie, but as I said, I simply cannot, and will not ever be able to enjoy it. It could have been a MUCH better movie, and it wasn't. It took short cuts. It had a much weaker message. It changed things that didn't need to be changed.

I've tried to like it, and to an extent I do... But I can't respect it... And it just came out as another disapointment from the Wachowskis that I hope they can overcome in the Speed Racer movie (though I suspect that they won't be able to get something right until they make something that's purely their own again).
I completely and totally agree with everything DSF just said.

V for Vendetta is a good movie that was completely ruined for me by the comic. I know I would've liked it if I hadn't read the book right before I saw the movie, but I did. Now I just can't stand the oversimplification of the plot, the pointless action scenes, the totally watered-down message, the tacked on and tacky romance. It kills me that I can't enjoy the movie.
It was hilarious. It was the first thing I ever quoted in my sig on this board.

Granted I shortened it to "Reading is for homos".
Just keeping it to the important parts.

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