Venture Bros. Season Four

I am overweight, over 50, and I am speedballing tranq darts and pure adrenaline!!
And you made fun of me cause I rewatched the entirety of Season one, two, three and four A the past month.

I don't think this ever happened.

I will mock you for telling Ice to watch Daybreak instead of Arrested Development though.
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I came on quoting Venture Bros, and you mercilessly made fun of me for it.

Why would I "mercilessly" make fun of you for watching it? I don't think this ever happened.

I just looked through our conversation history and the only example I can find is you saying you've been watching a lot of Venture Bros. lately and me saying that it's a great universe.

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Why do you constantly mock me and my memory!

If I lived in the Venture Bros. world, I would totally Arch you all the time as Dr. Weathercock.
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You're a terrible archenemy... unless you have a Dr. Girlfriend...
I love the episode, I always wish I had entered a situation where the fedora was acceptable
So his best friend is his Half-Brother? Damn!

But yeah, great episode. Can't wait for next weeks episode.
I love how Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick always toy with the audience's expectations.

:D That **** was ****ed up.

"I can barely understand Hank, and you're doing it through a speech impediment."
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OMG... that had to be one of the best episodes.... ever.
The Venture-verse Spider-man was priceless.

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