1. Grocer Man

    New Mutants Forever

    Remember Claremont's X-Men Forever? Now he doing the same thing to the New Mutants with a five issue miniseries! http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=25642 Headmistress Selene. ...I'd say "cool," but I know nothing about her. So I'll just say I'll pick this up...
  2. Captain Canuck

    Marvel's newest imprint: Astonishing

    Marvel.com: Marvel's Senior Vice-President of Sales & Circulation David Gabriel: EDIT: Here's some promo art
  3. Iceshadow

    Dark X-Men discussion (Spoilers)

    Did anyone else read the first issue?
  4. P

    Good Place to Pick Up on Uncanny X-Men

    After a long time of trying, my friend finally got me into reading comics. I just finished reading through the Ultimate universe over the past month, and I really enjoyed it for the most part (Jeph Loeb...). Now that I'm used to the general concept (for lack of a better word) of comic book...
  5. Void.M

    Psylock question.

    Has it ever been addressed how she felt on going from white british woman to asian? Like having to deal with say asian stereotypes and how that affected her? For that matter does she think of herslef as white even in the new body? Or has this all just been ignored and never mentioned...
  6. Ice

    S.W.O.R.D. (Discussion/Spoilers)

    It's now going to be its own series. And explains where Beast goes to after he leaves the X-Men. Writer Kieron Gillen and artist Steven Sanders spill the beans on their new offworld series "S.W.O.R.D.," a galaxy spanning adventure starring Agent Brand, Beast and Lockheed.
  7. Ice

    X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas (Discussion/Spoilers)

    Two-issue stint coming in October. X-MEN VS. AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 (of 2) Written by JEFF PARKER Penciled by CARLO PAGULAYAN Cover by ED MCGUINNESS Variant by TBA Zombie Variant by GERALD PAREL It's a monster-sized throwdown as the Agents of Atlas go toe-to-toe with the Uncanny X-Men...
  8. ProjectX2

    Marvel Anime

    So Warren Ellis is writing anime for Marvel and Madhouse Productions. The currently announced titles/shows are Iron Man and Wolverine. Bizarre.
  9. ProjectX2

    X-Men Universe Relationship Map

    E will like this. :lol:
  10. T

    What should done with the X-men movie franchise?

    Since there have been two good X-Men films and two not so good X-men, what should done with the X-men movie franchise at this point?
  11. Gemini

    Dark X-Men speculation (possible spoilers)

    This popped up on marvel.com, thought it was post worthy No word is given on ongoing/mini/one-shot status, or the creative team Could be the next phase of Carey's X-Men Legacy. Anywho, Professor Xavier, Emma Frost?, Namor, Mimic?, Cloak, Dagger, Daken?, Omega-Red? Weird team
  12. Ice

    Dark Avengers vs. Uncanny X-Men: Six part crossover.

    All written by Matt Fraction and BMB as a consult.
  13. Captain Canuck

    Spider-Man X-Men/Spider-Man miniseries

    http://www.marvel.com/catalog/?id=10311 http://www.marvel.com/catalog/?id=10406 http://www.marvel.com/catalog/?id=10669 http://www.marvel.com/catalog/?id=11116 it says in the previews that it will affect the Marvel Universe (which i didn't believe) but the main villain in the mini is Mr...
  14. ProjectX2

    Uncanny X-Men series discussion (Spoilers!)

    The latest issue of Uncanny was a vast improvement over the dull first arc. We have Colossus encountering some evil person from his past, Emma taking a trip through Scott's mind and encountering his mysterious black box, and Beast and Angel meeting up with Mr. Nemesis, the supposedly co-creator...
  15. T

    Grant Morrison and the X-Men

    I've been thinking. After re-reading Mark Millar's UXM and Grant Morrison's run on New X-Men, I have not seen another writer come even close to making me enjoy X-Men as much as I did back then. I really wish they hadn't retconned Morrison's run, and I really wish that he would get another shot...
  16. Ice

    Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes (Discussion/Spoilers).

    Newsarama previews the first issue of the two part mini by Warren Ellis, Adi Granov & Alan Davis. Issue goes on sale on 10/15/08.
  17. Gemini

    X-Men: Kingbreaker discussion

    This new mini starting in December is another followup on that Deadly Genesis-Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire-Emperor Vulcan storyline, written by Christopher Yost with ard by Dustin Weaver. It also serves as a major lead in to War of Kings which is starting early next year cover to #1...
  18. Gemini

    Wolverine and the X-Men (Spoilers)

    Okay, I saw the ep, I didn't account for the timezone so luckily i didn't miss the show. And it was pretty good, not spectacular or anything, it kinda felt like a continuation of X-Men Evolution. there was a number of surprising cameo's, including a couple of Yost's pet characters, (Dust...
  19. Ice

    X-Men/Spider-Man Crossover (November)

    CBR happily reports the news. “X-Men/Spider-Man” is a miniseries that spans generations and features a variety of characters. “The first issue is called ‘The Strangest Teens of All,’ and it takes place in the Silver Age-- just after ‘X-Men’ #66,” Christos Gage told CBR News. “The second is...
  20. Ice

    X-Men: Return of Magik One-Shot

    http://images.comicbookresources.com/solicits/marvelcomics/200809-advance/sm/XMROMAGIK_COV.jpgX-MEN: RETURN OF MAGIK Written by C.B. CEBULSKI & CHRISTOPHER YOST Penciled by DAVID AJA, NIKO HENRICHON & DAVID YARDIN Cover by OLIVIER COIPEL At long last, Magik is returning to the Marvel Universe...