24- The Bauer Power Hour series discussion (spoilers)

:crazy: :crazy: :crazy: I'm so glad actually that 24 is now on Mondays, because before this season started, I had something fun to look forward to for every day of the week except Monday and now...... I have a perfect week!! Life is good. :D
While I'm watching this, I'm loosing my watch time of "Two and a half men", which is a great comedy show...

But I can't wait to watch today's episode! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! SO PUMPED!!!!

So, Nuclear Power Plants, eh? This may be the first time the media hasn't been informed on what the seasons main threat is. When the news on Season 4 was released, all they would say on threats and such was that the Heller was captured and is in danger. Last season the ads were like VIRUS! VIRUS! The 2nd season ads were like BOMBOMBOMBOMBOMBOBOM (in-joke). First season: Death threat to Senator running for President!!!! But this I like. It totally caught me off guard cuz I thought the last scene was gonna be Behrooz driving away (I saw the shovel move coming a mile away). :D

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