24- The Bauer Power Hour series discussion (spoilers)

I saw the shovel thing too. Once I saw the guy take them out, I was like, that guy ain't gonna last for the rest of the episode. lol

But yeah, I didn't see the Power Plant thing either. That was a smooth move. Still tying it with the same people, too, of course.

Yeah....this show rocks! :D
Eroz, where are ya on this one, buddy?!

Oh, and if you guys are interested, go here (if you haven't already) to go 'inside 24' with cast interviews, taken before the season began.
No I watched it Ice....pretty good. :D I should have seen that Turk almost kill his wife coming...esp. since he tried to have his son killed. Was that really Tony who came in to rescue...He looked a little different.
eroz said:
No I watched it Ice....pretty good. :D I should have seen that Turk almost kill his wife coming...esp. since he tried to have his son killed. Was that really Tony who came in to rescue...He looked a little different.
Oh, that was Tony alright! And he's in next week's episode too!! And if you go to the link, he's in the interview, the first box, and he talks there. Plus, his wife comes back too, but no mention yet when. :D

And with that, I bid the site good night. Got a 8 am class, and it's basically midnight here.
I'm tellin' ya, this weeks episode was so damn awesome. One of the reasons I REALLY like Jack Bauer, is 'cuz of his quick and smart thinking.

When he noticed no one at the table where the guard was supposed to be, he quickly knew trouble was afoot. And when trouble showed up, he quickly figured out that someone was double-crossing CTU (Again?! At least it is still awesome.) But for next week's episode, when they show they're arresting the wrong person (we all know who it is, really), only two things come to mind:

1.) They really think it's that girl (I forgot her name- the one that had that little "fued" with Chloe), and they do arrest her. Meaning that the "new girl" finds out about it, and makes it look as it's that other girl.


2.) They figure out who it is, and pretend to arrest someone else, trying to psyche out the real spy.

But I doubt it's the latter. Knowing how the show works, it can be either or, 'cuz they always got plot twist showing up when you least expect one.
Tony!!!!!!!!! Because of my bad memory, I forgot he was gonna show up, which I thank my mind for, cuz when I saw it I was soooo happy that for once, I didn't "know" about upcoming spoilers! But the second i did see him I was like "Oh Y- AWESOME!" Can't wait till next week. Thank god it's a nonstop season. Last year there was like a six week break :roll: !

By the way, the woman who they arrest next episode: Sarah.
Who's seen the 24 preview commercial before the Superbowl? That commercial showed more for tomorrow's episode than the commercial that ran during the Superbowl. Whatever happends with Sara, the ex-girlfriend of one of the agents is found out somehow, and she gets chased out the building and gets caught. Wonder what happends next?

Almost 2 more hours...............

EXTREME Spoilers regarding upcoming episodes below....

Chloe WILL be back later this season, Former President Palmer will guest star in the last six episodes, and, says some guy from 24 (can't remember whom) 'Don't make false assumptions about Marianne.' (!)
Hey that's great news! Thanks for the heads up. :D

And btw, you don't have to mark spoilers. It's already in the thread title. :wink:
I know but I just want to make sure that, if there are ANY people in this thread that don't want to know Upcoming stuff, they know that they can skip my post without the news immediately in their heads... :D
One hell of a show yesterday, huh!

My heart was literally pounding faster and faster during the time that Barooz and his mother were in the hospital. Man, that really got me going! And c'mon, did they really think they would fool the doctor? Like he was gonna be persuaded that the wound wasn't a gun shot wound. And I am so glad that Tony is sticking around more! YAY! I don't like that his wife, Michelle, left him. But we'll see what happens when she makes her appearance. :wink:
Slow moving up until the last ten minutes. BUT that's all building up to next week which looks to be the best this season! (Remember also that we're only 8 episodes in!) The last ten minutes were the show, and I loved it. I literally kept thinking the show was a minute from over after every twist and turn, which I loved, because I was so wrapped up in the show that I didn't see the ticker at the bottom. But the real defining moment of the night was......... The Return Of Tony's CubsMug! :lol:

Next Episode: Jack meets Dina!
I dont know man, the only one I know of was the one at the end of last nights ep and I dont know where they repeat them. I get my previews from TV Guide. :D

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