roguefan said:
do you guys know that the Office is actually an ENGLISH creation???

Absolutely. I'm also aware that the British version is way funnier than the American one. I do find the American one freakin hysterical, and it's hard for me to imagine a funnier comedy (except for Arrested of course) so I am adding the Office (Brit version) to my Netflix Q.

But there's a category for this, so back on topic.
Bob Loblaw. :lol:

If you watched the premiere, go to

(It's pretty funny)

"For British eyes onlyyyy!"

"Oh nothing dad, it's just a stupid girl problem. Well the girl's not stupid, the problem is"

Narrator: "But their child would be, because the girl was George-Michael's cousin Maebe." :lol:
Bob Loblaw is quite possibly the most ingenius character name ever.

My wife and I were cracking up at that.
TheManWithoutFear said:
Definitely think the best part of the episode was "Maybe that feeling is love." "No Kevin, I know what an erection feels like." I was dying.

Haha - that was great. Also liked when Buster was talking about getting a turtle because he loved leathery, snapping faces.

And Tobias's unintentional innuendos are HILARIOUS. Like the one about having a meaty lead man part - HA!
UltimateE said:
Haha - that was great. Also liked when Buster was talking about getting a turtle because he loved leathery, snapping faces.

And Tobias's unintentional innuendos are HILARIOUS. Like the one about having a meaty lead man part - HA!
:lol: :lol: :lol: ... yeah, again I say I love not having to choose.
Does anybody else think Alia Shawkat -- the actress who plays Maeby -- would be perfect as Gert in either a live-action or animated Runaways movie?

(It's also her voice I hear in my head, while reading Gert's lines in the comics.)
Frankie Muniz gueststars on an upcoming episode(s).

Now I hate the guy, but I'm pretty sure his character will be hilarious.

Cuz, y'know, it's Arrested Development.
Arrested and Kitchen Cut Back
Source: Variety November 10, 2005

Variety reports that Fox has cut back its episode order on Arrested Development to just 13 episodes, down from 22. Producers of Kitchen Confidential, meanwhile, have been told the show won't be getting a full-season pickup.

The network is also pulling both shows from the schedule, effective immediately. "Arrested" returned from a month-long hiatus this week, while "Kitchen" was slated to return Monday.

Instead of the two comedies, Fox will air repeats of drama Prison Break in the 8-9 p.m. Monday slot for the rest of the November sweeps. It's presumed "Arrested" and "Kitchen" will return to finish out the remainder of their runs in December. Come January, Fox has long planned to move House into the Monday slot.

The trade adds that Fox wasn't commenting Thursday morning, and for now, nobody's using the word "cancellation." But in the case of "Arrested," the handwriting appears to be on the wall.
Fox is so STUPID!!! :furious:
I think im officially the only person in the UK that watches this, which is a shame as its the funniest American show on tv right now and one of my top 2 favorite comedys at the moment (along with the excellent peep show)

Im buying both sereis on DVD when i get paid because the bbc is messing its time slot about and i keep missing epsiodes
TheManWithoutFear said:
Fox is so STUPID!!! :furious:
There will be blood if Fox cancels Arrested, I waited for a month for the season to pick up again and now I have to wait another month.

I'm going to kill them.
****tards. And they're just gonna show Prison Break reruns during it too. Either that or some dumb*** last minute reality show. FX had better pick this one up after it gets cancelled. Oh yes it will be. Despite the fact that earlier this year, Fox basically promised a fourth season. *****es.
Great idea. Rerunning a show over and over again - it worked wonders for "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" :arrgh:

I'm a little confused though - I had read that AR had been signed on for 2 more seasons, and that the top peole at Fox were convinced it would fare better in syndication, so it was basically safe for 100 episodes.
I hate Fox. Futurama, Firefly, Family Guy, and now this.:evil: :x

There are more laughs in one episode of AD than there were in the entire last Season of The Simpsons. I hope the DVDs do incredibly well.:cry:

Me and my dad rented Season 2, disc 1 yesterday and watched all 6 episodes. My sides hurt by the end of it. I forgot how much fun it is to watch a bunch of eps in a row, like we did all summer.
Planet-man said:
By the way, who's your favourite character(s)?

Other than Michael, mine are Tobias and Gob.

Of the immediate family, I like Buster, Tobias, George Michael, Lucille, and Gob.

Maeby's kind of a weak character. So is Lindsey. George Sr., Michael, and anyone else I'm forgetting are great too, but not as hilarious as my first picks.

Also: Franklin, Annyong, Ann (well, rather Michael's running joke about her), and Zuckercorn.

God D**nit, I'm gonna miss this one. This holiday season, I'll be getting Season 2 (of which I've missed one episode). Once I finish the last 2 episodes of Season 1, I'm just gonna dive right into 2. And then when Season 3 comes out on DVD, I'll someday have a marathon (with a bunch of long breaks of course), and invite a bunch of friends over, so that they'll see what is was they should have been watching. The real sad thing is that The Complete Series, altogether, in one viewing, is probably only around the area of one and a half days, give or take a few hours. :( For a program that won the "Future Classic" award at the TVLand award show (no matter how not-important an award that is), that is far too short of a viewing time.
Don't dispair just yet. They will probably shop the show around and there is a good chance it could end up on cable, which is great because I think that opens things up a little more creatively. They aren't pulling in great numbers for network TV, but I'm sure there are plenty of cable networks that would kill for their numbers if they think they can keep them up.

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