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Yeah, I think we're getting to a point where we kind of don't need origin stories anymore, and can just jump right in to a new installment, or at the very least cover it quickly in the credits the way Leterrier did so well with the new Hulk. I mean we all know Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, Bruce Wayne's parents are dead, yadda yadda.

Anyway, here's the new piece for this week, all about comic book film casting! I'm always impressed how good you guys are at it.
I want Mark Pellegrino to appear in The Walking Dead just to continue his bizarre trend of seemingly appearing in every TV show ever.
Dancanread is going Dancangoallout!

Or, you know, he's not doing anything on this Saturday night.

Then again neither am I......

This joke has gone nowhere.

Disappointing. The movie, not your review.

Hmm, at first I wasn't to caring about a Doc Savage movie, but I didn't realize this Shane Black guy wrote "Monster Squad"...SOLD!

"A" for effort, Houde.

Well, maybe a B+.

Anyhoo, TCB, I now give you my State of the Union address!

The page is down.

And for this week's column, video game movies!

I've been meaning to watch The King of Kong...but spot on article.
Steve Wiebe in The King of Kong is my hero.

Tron: Legacy is going to be awesome just because Daft Punk are doing the soundtrack.
Thanks, guys! And thanks for letting me know about the State of the Union. The editor will occasionally change the url after these get posted without telling us. But it's fixed now!- State of the Union

And, Iceshadow, you gotta see King of Kong. It's really fantastic.
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I agree for the most part, though I would have replaced Sweet Tooth with The Unwritten. This article made me yearn for The Goon movie that seems more like a dream each day.